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Heading out this morning. I'm gonna put those Rage Tail Anaconda and Smokin' Rooster to the real test. Without a doubt I will be throwing those, NetBait Salt Lick, Yum Dinger (w/o F2), Yum 10" Ribbon Tail Red Shad, a popper, the swim jig/ Rooster combo, and a frog. Though, I am taking some cranks and spinner baits just incase because I know I will be mad at my self if I don't.

The only thing I hate is that it takes 45 minutes to walk there which isn't easy for me. Then you take on the weight I will be carrying. Anyways, I hope to pull a couple of 5+ and maybe even beat my total bass caught in a day record. We're hoping for 10-15 each. Let ya know how it goes but there won't be any pics unless I catch some 5+ pounders.

Also, I would like to add that I hope for the best for those who are going fishing this morning. Have fun, safe trip, and may the fishing be great today.

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Well, it didn't go like I had hoped. The bass were weird today. We caught a total of 12 bass (me 7 and George 5) and out of those 2 weighed in a 1# and 2#. The rest weren't even half a pound. Just doesn't make sense. I threw everything except the spinnerbaits and the lipless crankbait. I got 3 on the Bill Dance Xcalibur Pop-R Jr. 1 on the Yum Ribbon Tail (funny story about that in a minute). 1 on a NetBait Salt Lick red bug, 1 on the Strike Kind KVD 2.5 sexy shad. And 1 on the Anaconda. This was all between 6am-12pm.

Back to the Yum Ribbon Tail red shad. The second cast with that lure it got back to me and as I was bringing it back out of the water a small bass shot toward it from the right. I mean less than a foot from the bank. It sat there looking at me as if to say "Aww, I wanted that!". So, I obliged it and lightly tossed it back. That dern bass shot after it again, grabbed it and took off. Naturally I pulled him in. But, it was hard for me to reel it in because I about fell out of the chair laughing so hard.

Oh, here's the pic of the bass with the crank bait. I was so happy.


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