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I have gotten into fishing and have a few questions. 1. What are some good brands for spinnerbaits? 2. What are some good colors? 3. Colorado vs. willow? 4. Double vs. single blade? 5.Trailer hook or no?



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I have done well with any of the major brands. IMO the cheapo wal-mart special types have thin blades and wire that just don't work as well. 2. Whatever you feel will work. White, white chartreuse, and random baits I put replacement jig colored skirts on all work well for me. 3. I prefer willow to colorado, but blade type will be determined by the water, fish and depth. 4. Most times I prefer double, depends on depth and cover mainly 5. yes

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NoBassPro gave you some really good advice for starting out on spinnerbait fishing IMO. For now I would keep it really simple.

As far as blade colors, shapes and quantities of them:

As a guilde, you can start with the basics.

  • Color: Nickel/Siver = Clear water and clear skies. Gold/Brass = Stained - murky water and/or overcast skies. Painted blades work well in clear water situations with overcast skies, but for now I would keep it simple and use the metal blades.
  • Shape: Willow Blades = Clear water and clear skies. Colorado = Stained - murky water and/or overcast skies
  • How many?: I personally like single blade spinnerbaits, but double blade baits seem to be the norm. I think it's a personal preference, so you be the judge.

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I will also add I believe the most important consideration is the blades. Size, shape, color and thickness all matter to me. I know some people will swear by downsizing at times, I have never had much luck with smaller baits. The baits in the 1/2 oz range with size 4-5 blades are my bread and butter as far as spinnerbaits go.

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I don't concern myself with brands. White and white/chartreuse are popular colors and you can't go wrong with them. Colorado blades have more lift so you can keep them high in the water column more easily and more easily get deeper with willow. I can't remember his entire statement, but I remember reading Kevin Van Dam saying that a tandem (one willow and one Colorado blade) will cover 90% of your spinnerbaiting needs.

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