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Going up to Michigan for a while in 2 weeks and I'm going to be fishing a lake that has a sandy beach about 775% around it and when you get about neck deep the sand just turns into weeds. You can see like 12 feet down in this lake, It's connected to lake Michigan. Most of the depths stay between 8-16 feet and of course theres 2 60 foot holes. Bottom varies, it can be Long weeds almost to the top, rocky. Its a very big lake, 3 miles across and a Mile wide. What would you reccomend using? Generally I go for Smallies/Largies but i catch more largies. If anyone wants to add a tip or two for Pike trolling thats cool too. There are Yellow P, Lots of Sunfish Species, Crappie, Catfish, Musky, Walleye and Alewifes in there. Gobys too. I don't know if the picture i attached worked but if it did you can see theres lot of different terrain.


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Is that portage lake? If so look for the suspended baitfish out deeper and try trolling crankbaits for pike. If you get a musky out of there count yourself very lucky.

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This lake is a lagoon or esturay wirh a jetty/channel directly connected to lake Michigan and looks more like a 1/2 mile wide and 2 miles long approx. The sand beaches look man made for recreational use. Sand is tiny pieces of rock or clay and weeds can't root well other than the natural bottom soil areas.

What does this tell us? The best shoreline cover areas are at the opposite end of the jetty area and the best place for weed growth; ie young of the year bait fish that hide in the weeds. I would say the 1/3 of the lagoon opposite lake Machigan and the jetty are and deepr weed beds and the boat docks is where the LMB should be located.

The smallmouth bass should be nearer to the jetty; both inside the lagoon, the channel and the outside jettey rock rip rap.

Alewifes are pelagic bait fish and more than likely not year around residents of this lagoon which means they come and go through the jetty channel and the larger predators should also be patrolling channel outlet and any deep weeds beds near that end of the lagoon.

The center zone of this lagoon will hold every type of predator that roam the weed break lines, so this area is a hit or miss area.

This lagoon is perfect for 5" tom 6" weedless swimbaits in alewife coloration (herring will do). The rocky jetty area you can use tubes, 1/8 oz round head jigs with a grub like a smallie beaver or crank baits and jek baits. A buzz bait early and lake in the day aound the weed beds and a drop shot rig with 6" worm along the weed breas and pockets.

Pike like anything flashy moving fairly fast, like the buzz bait, flutter spoon and larger jerk baits. Musky like swimbaits and larger lures, plus the buzz bait.


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Since I'm 99% certain this is Portage Lake, it is officially considered a drowned river mouth. The lake itself is 2110 acres. I do know the large yellow perch here will migrate in and out to L Michigan seasonally, pike, alewives, smallmouth, and walleye might. They do other places up and down the shoreline. The weedline will be at around 16'. I'm going to attach a map, one other area to check out is the 20' hole on the SW side, those little areas can be excellent, particularly if it is surrounded by weeds. I haven't been on the lake in awhile, but I believe it is mainly the NW side that is rocky. You can likely get some smaller pike targeting the weeds and weed edges, there are some nice ones in here as well and they won't necessarily relate to structure.

My standard approach on lakes like this for bass is to start with a spinnerbait or crankbait along and thru the weeds, then try the rocks. White spinnerbaits and bluegill, white, or perch colored cranks are my first choices. I don't slow down until I have to.


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