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Which Duckett Micro Magic Rod?

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Looking for some advice for which Duckett Micro Magic Rod for throwing 3/4oz Spinnerbaits. My 6'9" Medium Heavy Duckett doesn't handle it too well.

Do I still stay in the Medium/heavy range and just go bigger with rod length? Or do I up it to a Heavy Action?

I was looking at the 7'3" M/H and the 7'6" Heavy. Which one is more suitable for the 3/4oz spinnerbaits?

Thank you guys!

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Ok awesome, so the 7'3" MH can def handle a 3/4oz spinnerbait with no problem? Just want to make sure before I buy the rod. Because my 3/4oz spinnerbaits were fighting my rod pretty hard on my 6'9" MH.

Will 6" more really do that much better?


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The Duckett website recommends the 6'9"MH for Spinner baits up to 5/8 oz, but if that rod is not working for you then you may want to go up to the 7'6"MH cause that one is recommended for 3/4 oz spinner baits. It is personal preference sometimes, and you may want to give them a call before dishing out the money.

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Yeah I think I might do the 7'6" MH, are the new micro magic guide rods out yet with the stronger guides? I seen an icast video from 2011 from Boyd's Booth talking about this years new upgrade to the micro magic series.

Talks about how he was listening to the pros and wanted to make the guides of the micro magic rods stronger compared to his first run of the micro guide series.

When you buy the rod now, especially online, how can you tell if the rod is the old series or new? And what to look for?

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