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Shore Fishing Spots In Southeast Ma?

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Hey y'all.

I was wondering if y'all have any suggestions for ponds/lakes/anything that can be fished from shore. Unfortunately, I don't own a boat, canoe, or kayak, so fishing from shore or river banks is my only option, unless I go out fishing with my buddy who has a canoe, but he only wants to fish one place with the canoe.

I have fished most places in the immediate area (I'm from Brockton) so DW Fields, Ames Long Pond, the Nip, Robbins Pond, Carver Pond, Great Quitticas, Pocksha Pond, Snipatuit, etc.

I've just been looking to expand my search and try some new places and thought I'd ask. Haven't really had that many bites in the past few days, and I'm getting bored of going to the same places all the time haha.

Thanks folks!

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Well... if you tell us when you might be available..... and how mobile you are..... perhaps you could hook a ride.....

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Unfortunately, I'm available just about 100% of the time because I've been out of a job since I graduated college. I do have my own transportation but with gas being so expensive I try to stay as local as possible

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