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Need Some Weather Help

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I am a little stumped with the conditions here in the Arizona desert. Nearly everyone on

the board are using fall presentation. Our climate here, I believe has really only two "seasons".

One is called HOT and the other COOL.

Here is the scenario. How would an experienced angler approach it.

I am primarily a bank fisherman. My favorite "pond" is a 224 acre shallow (3' to 16') river

impoundment. Bottom is rocky in my favorite spots. Bridge legs too. Water visibility is roughly

2 feet. Green stain. Bright sun and clear blue sky's as always.

The water temp has dropped 10+ degrees in the last month. From the high 80's to the low

and mid 70's. Wind will be 4-6 mph from the west at fishing time. Air temp will be an arid 90 degrees.

Well, there you have it. What is your approch? :) THANK YOU

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This is just me, but if I was bank bound under those conditions, I'd consider a more multi-species, live bait approach. If I was bank bound and determined to bass fish, I'd consider the drop in H2O temp a good thing. I think covering the water with a reaction type bait would be a good place to start - a rattle trap type bait or a spinnerbait. Anytime you're bank bound, distance is important and I'd gear my tackle towards long distance casting.

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Food for thought...

Not bound to the bank. I enjoy the short 1-3 hour

trips to cast a line anytime I want. I love fishing from

my v-hull. But the boat thing is an event I don't care for

in the middle of the week.

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You are in the metro Phoenix area? 224 acres isn't an estimate, this must be full pol size and being an impoundment it has a dam. Does this small lake have any points that you can fish from? This lake is small enough for the resident bass to roam and follow prey fish, the prey fish are key to your success; what are they? Crawdads should be in the rocky area and the dam. Being a man made lake, the original river bed should still be there and a old topo map would be valuable to determine where it is located. You can reach the deeper channel area from the dam, so that is a good area and any points that drop into the river bed are good areas. During the hotter time periods fish at night or very early mornings or late afternoons when the bass should be more active.

My suggestions are; finesse C-rig (slip shot), fat Ika, lipless crank and a top,water like a Sammy. This selection can be fished with one outfit and cover the entire water column. Choice of soft plastics depends on the prey the bass are feeding on.


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Yes, Phoenix metro. Tempe Town Lake specifically. Prey fish is shad by the ton. Have not seen any trace of craws there. The state is preparing its annual rainbow trout stocking over the nest few weeks.

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Crawdads are there unless the bass have eaten them all! There should also be bluegill or green sunfish and this years Juvenal bass. The trout plant is interesting and if this small lake has a few big bass, then a #5, 68 Huddleston Delux swimbait bait becomes a choice, but you need a swimbait rod.

Go with shad color and cinnamon blue neon soft plastics and shad lipless cranks and top water. Night black grape blue neon should work.


PS; if they are planting trout, the core water temps must be near 60 degrees.

I went to AZ State in the early 60's and don't recall Tempe Town lake.

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Nice intel Tom thank you. Tempe Town Lake is relatively new. Filled in 1999, it uses huge inflated rubber "walls" on both ends. Pretty cool engineering.

Yes, lots of shad, bluegill and sunfish. I have several 5 ROF #68 Specials Huds ready in rainbow trout color. I plan on sitting in the middle of the channel this "winter"

in my boat to see what these will do.

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The Weather!!!

Bass react to water temperature, not air temperature. You have to note the water temperatures during the year to know how the bass will react as the temperatures change.

Barometric pressure. Note it and how the bass react. The barometric pressure will change as cold fronts move through. Track them and how you do each day.

Water clarity is the second ingrediant. You say the water is stained with a 2-foot visibility. This is called stained or heavy stained or dirty water. Bass will hold to any structure they can find.

Blue bird skies for the most part. Bass will seek cover in clear skies and hold to any strucutre they can find as with dirty water.

You state the temperature ranges from the high 80's dropping into the 70's. With such a stable water temperature the bass may not be migrating based on the four seasons. However, they will become accumstomed to the water temperature changes and move to the shore to feed and back to deeper water and any structure they can find. They will also go to their beds based on the water temperature and moon phases.

You did not mention current. Every lake or a pond has current. Where is it coming from and where is it headed? Find out and try to fish the location where the water is entering the lake or if the current is stronger under the bridge.

The dam. The dam side of the body of water is usually the deepest.

The bridge. Great structure and places for the bass to hide in waiting for the current to pull baitfish through and under the bridge. Fish the shoreline near where the bridge hits the roadbed and any rip rap around the bridge.

So with this knowledge we can map out a plan:

1. Make a log for everyday you fish. Include as much data as you can including the baits, pattern, time of day, water and air temperature, barometric pressure, bass caught and where, and on and on and on as you believe is necessary to pattern the lake.

3. With heavily stained water throw black, grape, green pumpkin, Junebug and other dark colors of plastics. Try Cherry Seed, too.

3. Fish the bottom with a Carolina rig feeling for any structure you can find.

4. Fish the shoreline with crankbaits, plastics, Chatterbaits and if there is "chop" on the water throw your spinnerbaits. White skirts and bluegill and shad colors for your crankbaits plus Firetiger. Try the Norman Little N Firetiger crankbait. Firetiger may be the color you will find the most productive.

5. Remember to fish any wood, docks, piers, brush, rocks, etc. along the bank with all plastics and moving hard baits. Cast, cast and cast at least 15 to 20 times at each target. Hit any wood, rocks, brush, etc. with your crankbaits.

6. Throw to as many bridge supports as possible with a) drop shot and B) Texas rig. You will have to experiment with the weight to find the msot productive fall rate.

7. Jigs. Throw jigs all over the place all year. Something with blue and orange in the strands or dye them if necessary. Or any color of bluegill you can find. They will hit the jig even if there are no crawfish in the lake.

8. Topwaters. Throw them in the early AM and late PM unless you see the bass busting on the surface during the day or you see a "ball" of baitfish.

9. Techniques can include your drop shot, shaky head for Senkos and Zoom Trick Worms and flip and pitch your creature and lizard baits.

10. White. Try white buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, flukes and during the spawn lizards. And yellow. You may want to throw the Senko lemon color plus dye the plastic tails with yellow or lime dye.

After a few months graph your daily logs and I think you will find what works and what does not and when.

Good luck and let us know how you do.

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Epic. Just epic. Thanks! My avatar bass was caught on a DS using a 4" purple

finesse worm right at a bridge footing not 20' from the wall. TTL was featured a

year or two back on City Limits Fishing. It holds some nice ones. :)

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Spinner baits and DS are key on TTL

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