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Does Rub Line Slime By Wild Game Innovations Work?

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I want to try this product, because on my property there are multiple deer that could be the dominant buck in the area. I did find a big rub, and a scrape in one area, and was just wondering if Rub Line Slime truly does work. Just trying to set myself up on a date with a dandy! Thanks guys.

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here's a trick i use and effectively...be ready! when the rut is about to start or has i start spraying doe estrus on the bottom of my boots about 100 yards from where i hunt. also about every 50 feet or so i'll spray it on top of a sappling so any breeze grabs it and sometimes a spray on the ground. when in the stand i spray a few shots around me to mask me, do a few doe bleats and grunts and rattle then stop and sit. i repeat in about 10 minutes. watch the direction you came because chances are you'll see a deer walking from that direction with his head down...following your boot tracks smelling the good stuff and hearing my calls his curiosity has him wanting it.

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Its a marketing gimmick.

All you need is a fragrent tree like a pine or whatever they like to rub in your area and just scrape the bark off like they do. They will start rubbing it.


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