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  1. Ive found this to be true across lots of species. A local trout stream you can POUND them in winter on streamers but its about 1/4th as productive once the hatches start.
  2. Regardless, genetics are 1:1 just like a big buck breeding a doe doesnt mean youll get a big buck. Thats why in captivity they control both sides of the genetics and line breed to get what they want. Blind mothers have children who can see. Its all a crapshoot unless controlled.
  3. I dont have lithium's in my current boat but I hand built racing drones for a few years. The last thing you want is that dropping out of the sky at 70mph. The voltage in a lithium can bounce. Once second the alarm will go off and if you let up it will turn the alarm back off. Gives people who arent used to managing lithium's a false sense of security. Let off the pedal on a trolling motor and a few mins later its like the alarm never went off. When a lithium voltage alarm sounds, its time to take action immediately. Not only that you do not want to run a lithium below its voltage, thats highly discouraged against when it comes to capacity and longevity. Youre correct, If you put them in something like a trail camera that wasnt built for a lithium the camera will read 99% full until it quits working.
  4. 2 weeks ago it was in the 60s. Temp dropped back 20 and punted. Its been snowing, raining, 1000mph winds. I got 5" of new snow two days ago. Starting to swing towards warmer but will it hold? Already watched the first thaw flowers come up and theyre likely gone. I knew that was gonna happen. Actually stopped buying anything that blooms before May. Not just the fishing is right.... the frogs, gobblers, zero turn mower(yes I like my grass), landscaping, cooking on the blackstone, finding mushrooms. Im so over the winter its not even funny. If my wife and kid werent so set on staying id be out. My career allows me to work anywhere in the world but they dont wanna leave the friends so here we remain.
  5. Lithiums are awesome but you really gotta watch them especially when you have a bunch of stuff running. If you dont size properly you are out thousands to find out you had a problem in something like a 36v system. Lithiums dont gradually die, thats their benefit and a weakness at the same time. The voltage remains much more stable based on capacity. However when they drop, theyre DONE. If you have something like an ultrex you will go from is this slowing down to now youre stuck in minutes. Saw it happen in my buddies boat in a tournament twice last year. Run lithiums but size right and for goodness sakes turn on the alarms. If you dont have a voltage alarm in your trolling motor bank buy one. Theyre cheap.
  6. Yeah im not gonna beta test your trolling motor at 5g
  7. That means Treasure X here ... right?
  8. I had that happen to me on the Potomac with what Im certain was the lunker for nation. I was big mad
  9. Got in the habit of it fishing nation and traveling to places like the potomac river. Not exactly a place to let a key in anything. Where I live I can let my doors unlocked.
  10. I was pretty partial to daiwa at one point, then i moved to lews and as they all phase out it will be nothing but shimanos i purchase going forward. I loved opening a lews yesterday and realizing I paid about $200 for it a few years ago and the pinion gear feels like a coffee grinder without the spool in because nothing is there to support it.
  11. New lithium's will allow you to run 12/24/36 out of a single battery, you just need the right capacity
  12. Most important to me these days is the locations of things I dont wanna hit in the rivers. The map is more important than the sonar. As mentioned above I use topographic maps to hunt deer and know where to fish. The sonar portion is the fine tuning. FFS for me is beyond where I wanna take it currently. I also dont need real time photos of deer in front of my trail cams.
  13. I absolutely hate creating shorts content. I do "ok" with it but theres no real rhyme or reason to what performs like full length video. You can sort of pick up on keywords in your title or hash tags but thats the best you can hope for at the moment. No good thumbnails, it pretty much ignores you in search. Its like rolling the dice on if it hits the shorts shelf or just falls flat on its face. Thats what makes it aggravating to go through the time to film/edit. One other part of shorts that makes me mad is unless they are "viral" theyre extremely short lived. You get maybe 6 hours for it to make it or break it, then its never seen again unless someone comes directly to your channel and choses to watch shorts. Id prefer youtube hang up the shorts side but Im afraid its here to stay.
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