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  1. Zeko’s most of the time, other times Crocs. Nice to walk around bare foot as long as I’m not toasting the tops of my feet.
  2. I’m aluminum it makes it tough. I don’t have power poles but thought about that power spike. Never went any further than thinking about it.
  3. I caught a nice mini-pig 15”+ two weeks ago on a YUM craw. Been beating that area for a larger one. I’ll get a glass morning soon. I’ll #iss and moan about conditions sometimes but I know we all have been through it. A lot of you guys get slammed with severe stuff. We need rain here. I think they (state government) are declaring drought conditions here tomorrow.
  4. I was doing a bit of that also. That worked out well along rock banks. Just want to catch an AM this week without any wind for a couple of hours.
  5. Call me crazy, heard that a million times by near and dear loved ones but, I couldn’t resist trying something that has been rattling around in my head since last season. Sort of joked around about it in a few threads on here last season. I picked up some Anchovy paste (ground anchovy, sunflower oil, salt). Gonna try rubbing into craws, grubs, tubes, ribbed finesse worms and bugs and see what it does or doesn’t do. Curiosity has gotten the best of me. After fishing on this one section of the river I have to pass this Italian Bakery/Market on my way home. Always in there getting tomato pies, bread and rolls. Always have this Anchovy paste catching my eye. If it’s a dud with the smallies I can try it in my spaghetti sauce.
  6. As my luck has it today, it’s a dead no wind condition and bluebird sky. But I have a door I’m working on this morning keeping me homebound. I’ll be out mid week, might get a morning like today.
  7. I fish a lot of SunLine mono. Got hooked on it a few years back. But I also spin fish with XL, McCoy and Stren. I don’t run across many line quality issues.
  8. I don’t find this with SC’s I ever bought. I don’t believe I’ve ever ordered one by mail. Bought from a dealer. Some still in plastic sleeves, but no shrink sleeve on cork. But I think if you received ones with plastic cork protection that’s a positive. Most of my Abu rods have come with shrink sleeve. Good fishing.
  9. The last two days have been dealing with killer winds. When the winds are blowing as you are heading out the driveway, it’s gonna be interesting. But I just had to try to deal with it. This is something you all have faced many times. Just could not find a way to use it to my advantage on the river. I opted for the river over the lake because I thought for sure the lake would have chop I couldn’t deal with. To make things work I had to fish under an Interstate highway and railroad pilings that ran parallel and span the river. Was not a total wind relief but better in general. My smallie total and sizes were not great. Managed (4) 13”-14”ers bank/drop off fish and numerous dinks and runts off the pilings. Yum craw variations, Dry Creek finesse worms and 1/4 oz. Joes Flies in-line spinners majority were caught on. I got hung up fishing the craws because my better bites came off of them. I think if I had it to do over I’d have stayed off the pilings but the wood log jams could not be passed on.
  10. The cup is not easy to win and the game is so fast. Things change and the tide changes in a split second. I’m impressed how well these new expansion teams have been doing for their short time in the league.
  11. I live in the heart of Flyers country but am a Bruins and Devils fan. The Boston series was a disgrace seven ways to Sunday and for the Devils getting past NY it was great for them. A young fast team is fun to watch. Hope they can pull it together again for next season. Boston they need to clean house big time. I’m rooting for the Kracken.
  12. I should pay more attention to sun protection but I really don’t give it that much thought. Like most here I have shirts, buff and hats I use. But what I have on that particular day is more less what I jump into when I get up. I don’t like getting bit up. I have a couple of different protections on the boat all the time. I’ve used the Bullfrog Bug and Sunscreen for a long time and I like the Sportsman that contains deet. Late August and September can get crazy with horse flies. I keep prepare for that.
  13. I may try that with some left overs. I usually don’t buy a bunch of dozens at once. Most of the time what few I have left over as I’m leaving the water I’ll give them away to someone in passing. I’m lucky enough to have a small crick behind the house where if I’m out in the evening trout fishing and head out the next morning they hold up well in the galvanized wade pail. But I think I will try that freezing of them. Got grandsons who are into the panfish fishing after we are done bass fishing for the day. Your idea is worth a try and keeps from wasting them. Thanks for sharing the tip.
  14. I may just have to try that. The other day my middle grandson and I found this new section of creek that I’ve never trout fished before. I’ve know this area for 50 years and overlooked it because of private property butting and running to the creek banks. Semi rural and even if you are respectful people will still get an attitude. That never existed. Everything was cool. Basically in my backyard. 10 min. from the house. We kicked butt there. Beautiful water conditions. For the most part caught on Panther Martins, Trout Magnets and worms. The Browns do love worms but this creek section has the biggest darters, chubs, fall fish and daces I’ve ever seen. Worm doesn’t stand a chance there. We didn’t have minnows with us. We’re going back on Saturday and I think Minnows could be a killer there, drifting them at the right depth. I think when I stop to get them one wading pale will be with water, the other will spike with the sauce and see how thing pan out for us. Was your sauce top shelf?
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