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  1. Ive got a bunch of different brand Jerkbaits but I really only use two. Megabass Vision when Im on the lake. KVD 100 or 300 when Im fishing at the Spillway/River. Colors for the lake are usually perch or blue. Chrome or clown for the river.
  2. Why in the hell did I have 78lb 13oz as my tie breaker????
  3. Im only able to watch the live stream every once in awhile but it seems like all the fish are around 1.5lbs.
  4. InvizX has been my go to for a good 10+ years. I thought the AbrazX was ok but I just prefer the other.
  5. Fingers crossed it’s not the Megabass Magdraft I just bought.
  6. Just got my second TW order today with two more by next week.
  7. Great. I finally buy one the other day and now I see this thread...
  8. How did you know is name was Brian?
  9. I will never question @13poundBLUEGILL@OG Crankster @NorthernBasser again!!
  10. Oh really? I tried adding some of the 110's and the cost was the same as before. Is there a promo code or does the 15% off show up at checkout? I guess I shouldve paid attention when I was placing my TW order earlier. Nevermind. They are part of TW's excluded brands.
  11. My TW order is done. Has anyone come across Megabass stuff on sale?
  12. Got what I need from Bait WRX. On to the next site.
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