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  1. I fish them the way both Matt and Zona do. Both catch bass and if one style isnt working, just try the other until you find out what the fish want.
  2. Spinnerbait - None Jerkbait - Megabass 110 Lipless - Booyah Hard Knocker Bladed Jig - Zman Jack Hammer Jig - Outkast Stealth Feider Square Bill - KVD 1.5 Crankbait - Rapala DT Soft body swimbait - Kietech Hard body swimbait - none
  3. Are you a fish? By law, you have to tell me.
  4. I first thought the thread was called Tinnitus and I was about to say its time for these old folks to log off.
  5. I don’t have the Eye Crosser, but I do have the Dragger 2. I use mine for dragging a football jig, and also big swimbaits. To be honest, I haven’t used it much fishing swimbaits but I can say the fast action is accurate because I can set the hook on a football jig at 30 feet no problem.
  6. Local knowledge should be banned. It's unfair to the others competing.
  7. I was almost in the same boat as you with Daiwa. Then I decided to try a JDM reel and now they are now my favorite reels. I actually have a new one waiting for me at home.
  8. Saw some baitfish jumping out of the water. Made a couple casts with a chatterbait and ended up getting this hog.
  9. Minnesota just needs to make their state bird a walleye
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