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  1. Yesterday’s legends were once what FFS is today. If you notice these leaderboards like in the elite series, the greats are close to last place. A transition has taken place, from old to new, the power of observation has a new set of eyes!
  2. This here bird eyeballing the pads told me where the fish were, “right here buddy” So I punched it and bam!
  3. Wind is my friend, plain and simple. The bass use wind to their advantage to catch forage, so why not use the wind to the anglers advantage to catch the bass? Bass go wild in windy conditions, hitting most anything that moves. Wind blown areas like banks or weed-lines can become giant buffets for bass. The water is also warmer on the wind blown side. Even if the wind clocks up to 20+mph, the bass can be very active under thick mats. Punching about 3 feet in has produced giants in my neck of the woods. The only drawback is control of the craft, positioning and so forth, which can be daunting in certain areas, like open water. Swells can kick up or even white caps. Yet it's still doable in certain places where positioning can still be accomplished. Night time with a windy moonlit night spells trophy fish! I do like those early morning calm conditions but when that wind amps up, it's time to amp up with it!
  4. I saw Scott Martin using his during the Bass Master Open event on Okeechobee. I was amazed at how well his unit defined the shallow grass flats. The detail was almost three dimensional HD. Impressive watching those tilapia swim by. Could even see the tails swaying back and forth, the ebb and flow of the actual grass. Fishing like that may not be liked by some but but I can certainly see the appeal! Not having one in the pro tournaments would be like forgetting the fishing rods.
  5. I use Postimage. It's a free hosting site. Well, after a zillion images they might want a fee. I've uploaded hundreds of images with no fees yet. Just upload, copy link and paste. Done.
  6. It’s a nice swimbait rod because the tip action is not too stiff, not too soft. I’ve used it for swimbaits but after a while switch back to combat fishing lol. It’s also a great frog rod.
  7. I have the Dobyns Champion rods and, like you, luv them for basic lure fishing. I also have a St Croix Legend Tournament 7.4 heavy/fast. That rod is over $300 and is one of the nicest rods I've used to get the fish out of heavy cover down here in south Florida. I rely on it daily to pull 8-10 pounders from the thickest stuff imaginable. When one of those big bass hits on the drop, it's total combat fishing to the max and a good rod is a must! The Legend Tournament has proved itself to take abuse like no other and is why I give it my highest ranking.
  8. Man, I thought it was just me! Another thing he does when editing his vids, he makes the frames flicker, some kind of jerky time distortion trick, flick, flick and flick and flick and flick, so annoying, annoying enough that I actually responded to him and suggested to "please quit trying to make everything so dizzy and anxious!" My exact words.
  9. If I could say anything, no matter the situation, even if there's no bites ALL day, is to be cocked and ready at all times. Letting that guard down is when those big bites come, almost as if they know lol It's hard to say or even hard to do when time goes on empty handed to be so keen. I've missed some DD's fish laid back, frustrated, with the 'whatever attitude". Learned this lesson very well!
  10. Angry everglades bass!
  11. Yep. Garcia is also nice. Great boat ramp as well as parking facilities. Fished it many time. Can clog up big time if not careful. Even the mud boats can have a hard time blowing through that stuff.
  12. Kenansville is always worth a day...or night. Just as many trophy fish there as there is in Headwaters. I actually do better at night at Kenansville and prefer to be on the water near sunset and usually fish all night. Most of those bass live in tunnels under the hydrilla and during the daytime aren't seen that much but after the sun goes down, hold on! Sunset over Kenansville My campsite to sleep during the daytime.
  13. Could've also been reversed, Wheeler 8oz and you 8lbs. I know when I'm gunning for trophy sized fish, I don't care if I catch only one fish a day as long as it's big, I'm good. Being armed and ready is what it's all about for them gals.
  14. If you watched Scott Martin with his recent win on Okeechobee, he basically parked his boat and watched the screen all day. He also showed that screen to the viewers. The detail was increadiable! It showed the contours of the grass swaying, the dark holes and secret holdouts, schools of tilapia swimming by. I never knew those things could make out so much detail down here in our shallow water grass infested stained water but they do! Martin also showed how he put this blue paste stuff on his baits from a small tube that he was carrying. He explained that it gave his baits a higher sonar signature. 93 pounds later was the results.
  15. Yes it does. Many including myself thought the original road kept many folks off that lake. But I haven't seen any increase in traffic on the lake with the new paving, still looks about the same every time I go out there.
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