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Hard Jerk Bait Aficionado Question

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To those who really appreciate hard jerk baits, all varieties... always have one tied on... ice out till ice up... do you more than rarely fish a "crankbait"?


(I don't)

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i would think that whether or not you use crankbaits rarely would depend, most of the time, on the type of waters you fish. i will use myself for an example. i fish table rock lake most of the time. there is a small percentage of the time that a jerkbait of any kind is productive. that has a lot to do with the depth that the bass are holding. here, a crankbait has an application for a longer period of time. if you are fishing shallower lakes, or lake with good vegetation that would tend to hold bass year round shallower, jerkbaits would have a long period of applications. as far as crankbaits, i would assume that there might be some application even in vegetation.

with all that said, as for me personally, whenever the opportunity exits on any body of water at any time of the year, for a shallower bite, i always give a jerkbait a try.


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I go through cycles, sometimes ill throw a crank but mostly topwater or jerkbaits. Topwater is my favorite fishing, if i cant get a bite, next move for me is jerkbaits.

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