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  1. Two years later i stiill pretty much agree. I typically carry three combos. BFS - 6ft-6'4 all around setup - 6'8-6'10 Frogs - 7ft-7'2
  2. Unfortunately the reel was sold and i miss it dearly
  3. Better believe i say a prayer everytime i ship a rod !! PVC and usps 2-day priority is the only way i roll. The last few mb x7's and poison ultima i sold had me stressed for days...
  4. My last finesse setup, building a new one... Megabass Super Criffhanger X7 6'3L Megabass Zonda 68L Floroclear 8lb
  5. In my hands, the nrx, ultima, and x7 destroyer feel so close it comes down to what you prefer in length/tapers. As others have said, the nrx is like the benchmark for bottom contact fishing. May not be anywhere near as balanced or look as good as a megabass/Jackall rod, but it sure gets the job done. I wouldn't hesitate to fish one but I rarely fish bottom contact.
  6. The yumeya 32mm magnesium spool is great. Drops right in. 1/8th plastics to 1/4oz hardbaits is where it excels. Also being black, it matches all the 50 reels great...
  7. It's a finesse reel, holds the perfect amount of 8-12lb mono.
  8. 16 bfs xg, awesome reel. Got me a new pb crappie, 16 inch, 2.10lbs
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