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  1. This is why I prefer the split ring connected blades. There is a much better "hunting", action with those baits typically. I also believe the wider range of motion provides a larger thump, simulating a larger baitfish instead of the sharper vibration of a direct connect style. I've fished both quite a bit and the split ring baits seem to get me larger on average bites and I believe it's because they better imitate a larger baitfish.
  2. Baby Brush Hog/Brush Hog Rage Bug/Menace Pit Boss BBB Yomama SK Rodent YUM Bad Mama (DC'd 😥)
  3. They've redone the WW many times the past decade or so, trying to get it back to what it was before Rapala bought it out. It seems a lot of the color schemes have gone from dull, natural colors, to a much brighter version of what is supposed to be the same color scheme. I would not be surprised if those 2 baits are supposed to be the same color scheme, but they changed something in the years between your purchases that caused the difference.
  4. A 2-3 pound bass could easily break 10lb test if there's a weak spot, poorly tied or old (weakened), knot.
  5. I've owned one for a couple years now that I use for jerkbaits. The reel is great for what I'm using it for because I'm using very wind resistant baits in windy conditions and it helps a ton preventing backlashes, even with lighter baits like a 78 pointer. I also like the standard line guide versus the T-wing in freezing conditions because it doesn't load the spool unevenly when it starts to ice. I bought mine on Aliexpress and I'd like to buy another couple of them but just haven't yet.
  6. Spent this past weekend on a very cold and windy Lake of the Ozarks being a boat captain for the Major League Fishing high school tournament being held out there this past Saturday. I didn't make it down to the lake until right after 6pm Friday night, so I got to prefish with them for about a hour. Enough time for me to catch a dink on a jerkbait on my 2nd cast, and then a 4.5 pounder to end the night on a Ned rig. Water temps were around 44-45 and had a nice stain with 2 feet of visibility most areas we fished. Saturday morning was very cold and windy. 15-20mph from the NW had whitecaps rolling first thing in the morning, 18* with a feels like temp of 5*. We made a 20 minute run in it to a spot that one of the boys was told by the college guys the day before had a huge school of fish. I tried to talk him out of it, because I hate chasing someone else's bite and depending on schooling fish is so undependable, and this time was no different. There was very few shad and fish in the area. So after about a hour, we strapped everything about down and bounced back down the lake to where we had fished the night before. Our first stop produced a dink on a Ned rig, not a keeper but a sign of life. The next couple stops had nothing but followers on a A-rig. We moved to a cove near the ramp with a little dirtier water around 11 with pretty low spirits. After working 1 side, we were halfway on our way out when Gavin caught a super skinny but just long enough keeper on the A-rig. That got them up and going and 20 minutes later, Lucas caught another just barely keeper on the Ned rig. 2 keepers in the boat in 30 minutes felt like they were putting something together but a hour later, no more bites. So we moved to a spot I suggested on the bridge, and at the very end of it, Gavin caught their 3rd keeper on a Ned rig. There was 61 teams and they were taking 6 to Nationals. With 3 keepers in the boat, things were getting interesting with less than 2 hours to go. They fished down that bank and turned back around, working slowly with 2 Neds now. Right when they got to where Gavin caught the last keeper, I saw his rod twitch and he set into a heavy looking fish. Knowing how big another keeper could be, we all scrambled, just to disappointed when we saw that sad, gray face of a drum hit the surface. With 30 minutes left, we ran to the back of another cove they'd caught fish in during practice. When we got there, Gavin suddenly didn't feel well and stayed sitting down (he ended up with a 102* fever when he got home), so Lucas fished alone at the end. He was dragging a Ned slowly on the gravel when his rod loaded up. It was a heavy fish, fighting slow, looked like the fish they needed, and again, we all got heartbroken by a drum. Gavin pulled himself up and caught 1 more short on the Ned right before time ran out. At the end, they weighed in 3 small keepers, good enough for 14th out of 61 teams. Didn't make it to Nationals, but they fished through conditions that not many adults would have and caught 3 keepers on a day when only 28 of the teams even weighed a fish. I was frozen, I'm sure they were too, but it's still a great experience. If you ever get the chance to boat captain for some young fishermen, I highly suggest it.
  7. Not as much as the rigged version but it does occasionally, especially as they get torn up and I run out of places to hook them.
  8. I have a bunch of 3X Strike King trailers still, I think some lizards also. I've got some 4" Kinami stick worms in a white with gold/black/silver flake also. One of my favorite smallmouth wacky worms.
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