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  1. Thats interesting. A lot of guys around here including myself fish for snakeheads with straight braid and never seem to have a problem. I assume you've experienced one too many lost lures? lol One of the guys on youtube I enjoy is NDYakangler. If I recall correctly he uses a 50lb Fluoro leader when he fishes for musky and pike. must be something to it.
  2. Plano Elite 3707 Spinnerbait Organizer
  3. An all black buzz bait! Don't know if that counts lol In all seriousness, I'd also have to go with a whopper plopper, however i'd choose the 75 size and the monkey butt color.
  4. 100% winter and its not even close! I Love the spring and summer time. Spring is when I feel like I have the best chances of catching giant bass. Summertime is a blast! Sure it might be hot, but so is the bass fishing! lots and lots of fish caught nearly every outing. Fall is where i've really got to work extra hard to find fish. I catch them all over the river and I can't ever seem to be consistent... Winter to me is a time period from December until about mid February. Water temps in the 30's and low 40's. I can't seem to buy a bite in that time frame. I feel like a big part of the reason that i'm not in love with fall is because I know winter is fast approaching. Who knows maybe I'll venture out more this upcoming winter and catch a few and gain some confidence. If anyone has any winter time fishing tips i'm all ears haha
  5. Everyones positive response is secretly what I wanted to hear if I'm being honest. I dream of a much nicer boat and nitro is hard to ignore. Thanks everyone! @Jig Man Thats a great looking boat!
  6. Screw EE, this is awesome! I love a good pegboard display! What kind of boat?
  7. Nitro's reputation is an interesting one in my eyes. Some people seem to thoroughly enjoy theirs while others DEEPLY regret ever purchasing one. I personally have zero experience with the boats outside of checking them out while at BPS. It's hard to argue about how much 'value' that they offer considering all of the other boat brands pricing. Right now you can buy a brand new Z20 with a 250 MERC XS for around $55,000. I'm not in the market for a new boat, I just wanted to hear what everyone has to say about Nitro boats as a whole. Any Nitro owners out there?
  8. I came here to post that I had received mine as well. It was pretty underwhelming like the previous years have been. Personally the only two things that caught my eye was the 25% off big game line and 3 for $10 Booyah Pad crashers, popping or regular. I did look at the Nitro Z20 sale price for a loooooong time... If anyone else notices any other good deals please don't be tight lipped haha
  9. From the looks of your picture @NYWayfarer, We may have taken the same DNA test. Iggy looks like the sweetest thing! Congratulations to you and your family. We adopted our boy River February 27th, 2022. He weighed 16lbs the day we brought him home, and now he's over 60lbs! They grow so fast hahah River's breed guesses were all over the place. Boxer was the most common which was obviously a good one.
  10. @Glenn Thats interesting considering were scheduled to have our warmest day of the 'winter' so far today with a high of 81 degrees! Fiance and I are greatly looking forward to it and have a nice evening planned involving the outdoors. The sad part is Saturday its going back down in the 20's, with snow sleet and rain.
  11. I purchased 3 rods and they came in a nice tube all together. I like shopping at Midway. I haven't shopped their in quite some time though. You're post got me searching around on their site, which has led to me seeing all kinds of great deals. Too many to list if I'm being honest. I'll certainly be checking out Midway more often. Thanks! I hope you guys enjoy those Tatula Elite rods! That was one heck of a deal. Wasn't easy to pass up lol
  12. Nice! I'm aware of the BPS sale but now i'll most certainly be on the lookout for academy's! thanks!
  13. What is this spring classic sale you speak of? I'm new to academy sports shopping as we just had one built in the last couple months locally. Do they have a set date that they usually have a spring sale?
  14. I haven't tried them but now that I know they exist I'm going to have to! The swim baits appeal to me. The other plastic styles seem to look good but the price of the swim baits is very attractive. Thanks for making me aware!
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