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  1. I know boaters that purposely wash out kayakers when they are out on the lake...
  2. Maybe guys wouldn't be such sponsorship sluts if there was a "Team Trophy" each year?
  3. I disagree - it should be a team sport. Team Daiwa guys should share info, strike king guys should team up, etc. Mercer is the worst. Can't stand him
  4. I have had a terrible week and the only minor consolation is a New Jersey 7 lb fish... lessons were learned I suppose and I don't think I am going to fish for a little bit. It started over the weekenf when someone stole my 7" raw BGC glider out of my car when I was fishing one of my local waters. Then Tueaday I was going fishing with someone and the bungee strap holding my rods in the boat broke and all 7 of my rods went over I-80. One was lost and the others all got rashed up pretty bad. My tatula swimbait rod is toast - rashed up and 5 guides are gone. Honestly, it's devastating to me as I can't replace them but luckily the few I turned seem to function OK but look terrible. We were already halfway to our destination and I didn't want to disappoint the guy so I went along with the trip even though I just didn't feel up to fishing. It was the first time our schedules aligned and were able to go so in my haze I couldn't tell him to turn around. I only used 2 of the rods that day and still have not really inspected them. I picked up my chatterbait rod and changed the leader and used that for the first hour and caught some Pickerel. Then i grabbed my new swimbait setup - my Ryoga and a Leviathan rod - changed the leader and tried not to look at the reel. It felt ok and fished it for a while but didnt get any takers and only had one look at it. At the end of the day I had a big one come.up and swipe at my lure. Then she hit it and I got nothing. I threw back out and gave it a few twitches and BAM, but immediatwly after setting the hook I noticed a weird sound and it felt weird. After all was said and done the eye on top of my new Leviathan rod was gone SO I was lucky to even land the fish. It was obviously broken from taking the spill on the interstate - they are sending me a new rod tip so it will work again - it will have to look better than my new Ryoga reel. Sigh. What a disaster. I am honestly crushed and I don't think I will ever put rod/reels in the back of a boat with rod socks on. I think that's probably what caused them to go airborne and they all went flying to neverland anyway. I took a few pictures of my gear and haven't looked at it since. When I got home I wrapped my coat around the bunch of them and put them in the shed and that's where they still lie.
  5. We get all the traffic from the surrounding states. And you are right about the amount of boats near you - it's silly.
  6. In the Northeast if you don't have another boat or kayak fishing within 100 yards if you it's a rare day. When I was younger in western pa, you wouldn't dare but now in eastern pa you can just pull up next to someone and drop the trolling motor because everything is crowded. How do you not know? And they should have a Marshall or someone to contact.
  7. On some of my swimbaits I will lightly brush on 2 part epoxy thinned with denatured alcohol.
  8. It's funny how all people have different preferences. I change all my t handles to the knobs!
  9. I am hearing they are going to outlaw Crappie brakes, limit your screens to a total of 60" and reduce the transducers to a total of 1 on the trolling motor. I think these are positive changes and are a happy medium for everyone involved. 60" is still a lot of screens though - 5, 12" would be ok.
  10. spinnerbait - ones made by a local guy jerkbait - megabass vision 110 in northern secret lipless - lucky craft lv500 bladed jig - 1/2 oz jackhammer in bluegill with a zako trailer in green pumpkin white laminate jig - local jigs from Wacky Worm 1/2 oz in green pumpkin with a rage craw in green pumpkin square bill - Luck Craft crankbait - strike king 7xd soft body swimbaits (not trailers) - Bass Mafia Zaldaingerous 7" hard body swimbait - BGC 7" Glide Hard Body Wake Bait - Bullshad Soft tail Frog - Booyah Pad Crasher( I have tried all the expensive ones and this one works best!) Popper - Yellow Magic in alewive
  11. Depends. I use 6, 7 and 8. 8 is good for getting quicker input to the baits. For wakes and slow methodical baits I use a 6. A 7 will handle everything ok.
  12. Never have - I like the way the weathered and worn cork looks and feels
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