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  1. Bluebasser86's post in Best of 2023. Lets see 'em. was marked as the answer   

  2. Bluebasser86's post in Discontinued Norman lure was marked as the answer   
    They're a good bait and that is one of my favorite colors they make. It's a mass produced plastic bait, so I wouldn't worry about saving it for collectors or anything. 
  3. Bluebasser86's post in Soft Steel Eminent Braid was marked as the answer   
    It's good line but it color bleeds very badly. Even so, I've had some on my grass flipping rod for a couple years now and it's done what I've needed it to do. 
  4. Bluebasser86's post in Duo Rozante 77SP-What's the heaviest fish you have caught on it? was marked as the answer   
    I've caught smallmouth to over 5 3/4lbs and wipers over 8lbs that will outpull any bass out there. I use a spinning rod with 8lb flouro and play them carefully.  Never had any issues with the hooks unless I net them and the hooks get stuck in the net. 
  5. Bluebasser86's post in Chatterbait Bottom was marked as the answer   
    I just use a very slow retrieve with them paired with a bulky trailer to allow for as slow a retrieve as possible. I've caught them in water down in the low 40's pretty well on them. The biggest key for them to be effective in cold water in my experience is some grass. If there's no grass, I'm not even going to try them. 
  6. Bluebasser86's post in What lure do you keep a secret??? was marked as the answer   
    I like to see other people catch fish almost as much as I like to catch them myself, so I'm always talking about what worked for me. Having a Youtube channel would be pretty counterproductive if I was trying to keep secrets also. I've seen too many times when 2 people in a boat are fishing almost the same thing and 1 of them is catching while the other isn't to worry about someone else fishing what I'm fishing with. 
  7. Bluebasser86's post in Stupid Tube vs. Zman ticklerz was marked as the answer   
    Tube is much bigger/bulkier bait, and the fall is going to be much different than the TicklerZ. They're a pretty different bait imo. 
  8. Bluebasser86's post in Cooler Weather Comfort was marked as the answer   
    Layers and quality outerwear. Invested in a set of heavyweight merino wool thermals and a Simms Challenger insulated suit. I also get out and walk around sometimes if I do get cold. 
  9. Bluebasser86's post in Why Heavy Chatterbaits/Bladed Jigs? was marked as the answer   
    I make some 3/4 and 1 ouncers with a big 6/0 hook and the magnum sized blades that I put 5-7 inch paddle tails on for a huge profile. They don't run much deeper than standard bladed jigs though. Right now is when I fish them when bass are after the big gizzard shad. 
  10. Bluebasser86's post in Chatterbait trailers was marked as the answer   
    Berkley Pitboss has the flappers and the bulk, it's one of my favorite trailers along with the discontinued Devil's Spear.
  11. Bluebasser86's post in Rapala minnow size? was marked as the answer   
    I've had better success with the Bang-O than the floating Rapala when targeting bass for whatever reason. Black and silver foil is an old school color but it's still effective.
  12. Bluebasser86's post in Replacement hooks was marked as the answer   
    Owner ST 36 are my main hook of choice. The Berkley Fusion 19 trebles are also very nice and an overlooked option as well. 
  13. Bluebasser86's post in Bass tackle for Trout was marked as the answer   
    They love a Ned rig, but I've caught them on all kinds of stuff fishing for bass. Caught one on a 3/8oz bladed jig this year. I've caught several on 1/2oz lipless, wiggle warts, even caught 2 of them on 1/2oz flipping jigs. Stocker trout are kind of like Forrest Gump.

  14. Bluebasser86's post in 1st Tournament as Captain was marked as the answer   
    First off, welcome to the forum.
    Second, you're going to overwhelm yourself at the rate you're going. You need to focus on being safe as a new boat owner. Operating a boat is not the same as a car if you've never done it. Make sure you know and understand the rules for operating on the water.
    Third, fish your strengths and do what you're comfortable with. I can't claim to have tons of tournament experience, but of all the ones I've done well in, I did what I'm good at doing and stuck with it. Especially in a big bass tournament where you're only after one big bite. Focus on the likely areas and fish them hard. 
  15. Bluebasser86's post in Gear Ratio for overall use was marked as the answer   
    I can't slow down when I get a fast reel and I'm using a moving bait, I've tried, it doesn't work. Fishing a deep crank or big spinnerbait with an 8.1 reel is exhausting too, mentally and physically.
     I used the green Curados for years for everything and caught who knows how many fish on them. If I had to pick one ratio for the rest of my life, it'd be something in the 6.2 range. 8.1 is great for the specific uses I have for it, but the 6 ratio reels are my workhorses that could make work in place of those specialty reels if I needed to. 
  16. Bluebasser86's post in What are finesse jigs for? was marked as the answer   
    At some point you're just going to have to get out and let the bass answer the questions for you. Will a bass eat a finesse jig with a Keitech trailer? Sure. Is it the best option? Probably not. What's the best finesse jig trailer? Depends on so many different variables that nobody can really give you a perfect answer because even in a tournament where a guy might win on a finesse jig, the bass might have eaten another one better if someone would have just fished it.
    Fishing is about trial and error, mostly the latter at the beginning. The key is learning from those failures and how to avoid them and paying attention to the successes and learning how to duplicate them. You can ask every question you can possibly think of until the end of time about every possible little detail of fishing and still not have learned half as much as the guy who gets out there and grinds on the water to actually figure out the answer to his questions.
  17. Bluebasser86's post in Whopper Plopper 60 was marked as the answer   
    Did the 60 not just come out recently? I picked a couple up as soon as I saw them available but that was too late in the year here for them to be effective.
    Everyone that has them just collecting dust or your fish wised up to them, send them to me, I'll dispose of them for you ? One of the stupid easiest topwaters to catch fish on here.
  18. Bluebasser86's post in 50# Braid For T-Rigs was marked as the answer   
    If you're fishing in heavy rocks I wouldn't use braid. Otherwise, you can use it anywhere you want. I wouldn't add a leader but you can if you want. 
  19. Bluebasser86's post in Buzzbaits was marked as the answer   
    Cavitron 3/8oz black skirt with a black blade, no trailer or trailer hook. Fish it on a MH rod 6' 6" to 7' with a higher speed reel and 15lb copoly line and you'll be good to go. Just fish them slowly around shallow cover. 
    Watch this video and read the article for further directions.
  20. Bluebasser86's post in I Have Bought Two Used Shimano Symetre 2500Fl <-- Not An Fl was marked as the answer   
    They were $80 new I believe so you did good at that price. 
  21. Bluebasser86's post in Quick Question was marked as the answer   
    You'll have to replace the tip top guide. It's a very quick and simple process though and won't effect the rod at all if done properly. 
  22. Bluebasser86's post in Question About The Fine Line Of Promoting Tackle Vs Relating Experiences was marked as the answer   
    As long as you aren't affiliated with the company or receiving some kind of kickback for pushing them it's okay, save a few companies that are notorious spammers. We all like hearing about good products that might work better
  23. Bluebasser86's post in Where Are The Smallmouth Bass? was marked as the answer   
    A lot of casual fishermen don't know the difference between the two and will call a small largemouth a smallmouth like others have said. Plus, like Dwight said, if you're talking about a pond in Florida there aren't any smallmouth, problem solved
  24. Bluebasser86's post in West Point Lake/chattahoochee River Striper Fishing was marked as the answer   
    Jigging spoons or flutter spoons cast under the diving birds or dropped on baitfish schools you mark on the finder. Biggest mistake guys make when they see diving birds is motoring right up to them. You have to be quiet and move up slowly with the trolling motor and make long cast a lot of the time or the fish will spook and scatter and you'll be out of luck. 
  25. Bluebasser86's post in What Do You Do With Slag? was marked as the answer   
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