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  1. Several years ago a member tipped me on using a green laser pointer to deter geese. I find it essential this time of year. Doesn't work as well in bright sun but if you point it at the ground and guide it to just in front of them it works like a charm. Avoid the super cheap ones but something a notch up (mine was around 20 bucks on Amazon) works fine.
  2. Makes me feel better that I'm not the only one that does that. Doesn't make sense to wash something that's going to get dirty in five minutes. Goes with the turf (pun intended) when one is a bank walker.
  3. I've just recently gone to using a leader most of the time. I had to remind myself from experience years ago that mono (and yes, fluoro is a form of mono) terminal knots tend to fatigue and lose strength. Snaps help but aren't ideal with ned rigging. I'm regularly testing my knots and retying.
  4. You just have a good sense of humor. Witty humor is a rare commodity these days.
  5. We were right in the middle of it here. I fish HOA ponds and there were people everywhere. Sort of reminded me of four years ago when a lot of people tried fishing early in the pandemic. Clear and calm didn't help either.
  6. It was bright and calm with people all around. Yesterday was windy, cloudy, and cool. Made for my best outing so far this spring. I stuck close to home today to avoid the predicted traffic apocalypse that never materialized.
  7. I'll have to weigh my results against the next one when I'm 160 years old or whatever.
  8. We had a perfect view here. I was conducting a thorough scientific experiment during most of the event. I concluded that fishing stinks during solar eclipses.
  9. My location (Indianapolis) is in the direct path of the total eclipse next Mon. Hotel rooms are sold out here and we're being advised of major traffic issues. Any one else getting excited about it? Doesn't really move my needle. Might see if it has any impact on fishing. Totality here is just over four min.
  10. No bigs this afternoon but had an unexpected treat with a good top water bite. Caught eight fun size in under forty minutes. I usually don't get out the little Pop-R until mid month but conditions seemed right. We're supposed to get storms and heavy rain tomorrow. Usually translates to a hot storm drain bite. Problem is that I have to work later this week and we're going to barely get out of the 30's after this system passes. That's spring in Indiana.
  11. Pre spawn bite in full swing. This is prime time for numbers and size. They kept me busy yesterday as well. These two were my best. Small blade bait fished quick and shallow did the trick. Also gave me my pb foul hooked gizzard shad, lol.
  12. Just realized I clicked on the wrong thread. Thanks for the comment Darnold.
  13. Pre spawn bite was in full swing today. Lots of action. Quit counting after twenty or so. Fish were stacked up on shallow windswept flats. Wind was gusting over thirty mph. One lure that caught the most for me is a hack that I came up with a few years ago. Dark Sleepers were great producers but eventually would get their tails bit off so six bucks (eight now) out the window. After throwing a few away the thought occurred to me to add a tail spinner in place of the paddle tail. Worked like a charm and became a staple in my arsenal. I got away from it after a while but have recently reminded myself how effective it can be. The 1/4 oz. size with a spinner has a lot of loft to it so is perfect in shallow areas. This one was unblemished just a few days ago. I'd say it's been chewed on a bit.
  14. First things first: kudos to @Creek Pirate. How does one follow an act like that? Congrats! Now on to less exciting things. Got on a great bite this afternoon. Caught about a dozen on Flashy Swimmer/Swimmin Trout Trick and Mini Max bladed jig. Definitely a transitional feel to the seasons. Neds are bread and butter but moving baits are more fun.
  15. Is that anything like voodoo economics?
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