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  1. I have mixed feelings on the Zillion. Mine is incredibly smooth and palms pretty comfortably. I WILL say that it doesn't cast as well as some of my other reels though. My biggest issue with it is the brake dial location and tightness. No matter what I do, I consistently bump it with my finger and accidentally change it. My Alphas has it in the same location, but for whatever reason, I don't have issues with that reel. Maybe it's the slightly different shape, or maybe it's just more stiff. I don't know... That being said,... It is hard to argue against the bang for the buck you get on Daiwa JDM Zillions and Alphas pricing. A Zillion for not much more than a U.S. Tatula SV or an Alphas for around the same as a U.S. Tatula 100?? Don't have to think twice about that!!
  2. Found this if this is the right rod,... Phenix Rods M1 MX72MH Specifications Material 36-Ton Toray Carbon Fiber w/ K-woven Scrim & Nanolite Resin Power Rating Medium Heavy Taper Fast Rod Weight 4.2oz
  3. Sure you can... I pull the spool control cap off mine any time I tear mine down to clean it. It's not like it's illegal! 😁 You just have to readjust it back so the there is the smallest amount of side to side movement (no tension on the spool). "Zero Adjust" just means that once it is set, you shouldn't need to adjust it.
  4. Does anyone have a clean LH Daiwa Pixy they have been considering selling? I would consider a RH as well, but would prefer a LH version. I've been watching for them and I know they are far less common than the RH versions, but let me know if you do and let's chat. Thanks, Mark
  5. If you aren't against ordering JDM, the Daiwa Alphas 800 has the same smaller frame, but has a free floating spool, is smoother, and can probably be bought for cheaper right now.
  6. Either would work fine for chatterbaits. I've got both models and there isn't a lot of difference between them. I have two of the 736cb glass and one of the 735cb glass. I have a Jackhammer and a Sieberts Fogy on the 736's, and a 5XD crankbait on the 735 currently. I read on another forum thread where Gary Dobyns was saying they were developing the rod and they tried a couple different things and came out with slight differences between the two. Apparently Gary liked the slightly heavier one and his son liked the slightly lighter one, so they kept them both and named them the 735cb glass and 736cb glass. I could try to find that thread and share here, but don't know if that is allowed.
  7. Wow! That's pretty cool. I expect someone figured it was better to give them out to people who could use them than scrap them out if they are going to stop supporting them. Pretty cool! Rebuilds a bit of my opinion on them, which has been lacking lately! Good for them!
  8. @bulldog1935,... That's awesome, Always blown away by the cool stuff you have!
  9. I use all of my rods and reels. Don't get me wrong.... I take care of all of my gear, but I DO use it. Now,... That being said, there is someone selling two brand new in box Daiwa TDZ lefty models that I would LOVE to have. My issue though is that they are only new once and I would have have a hard time using a 20 year old reel that has never been used. I mean how many are there out there like that?!?! But,... I also have a hard time spending that kind of money for something that will sit on a shelf to look at!!
  10. 1. MH-MF... I don't use mine for bottom contact like the worm rig you described. I use Medium Fast or Medium Heavy Fast for those, depending on the cover. I use my MH-MF mostly for single hook moving baits like Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, or Swimjigs. Occasionally for the bigger 110 and 130 whopper ploppers. People can say what they want about whether they work well, or if it's possible to set the hook too quick. All I know is I have lost less fish and got better hook-ups since switching to a slower, more moderate rod for those techniques. 2. ML rods,... I like lighter spinning rigs, so everything I have for spinning rigs is ML or M. I don't own a single MH. If I need a MH for something, I use my baitcasters. I will say most of my fishing is either canadian glacial lakes with mostly rock, or Indiana flood control reservoirs, so not a lot of heavy vegetation in either. I've caught some awful nice smallies ranging up to 5-6lbs with a wacky rigged senko on a ML spinning rigs, and haven't ever lost enough to see a need to switch.
  11. Is the 7' Mojo MHMF labeled as the "Spinnerbait" rod? If so, that really is the only Mojo rod I really like. I have two of them and I love them for what I use them for. Caught a 50" Musky on one of them witha Zillion SV and craw colored OG Slim a couple years ago! Took a while, but it did it fine! They DO have a soft tip and seem a little light to me for a spinnerbait or chatterbaits over 3/8oz. I've used them for lighter chatterbaits with some success. I actually think they work really nice for medium depth crankbaits and whopperploppers. I have thrown a lot of Rapala OG6 Slim and Roccos, and currently have both of mine set up with old school Team Daiwa Fuegos throwing whopper Plopper/Choppo 90's with 15lb Big Game. I love them!! I would try a different reel, I bought one of those Curado K's and hated it. Seemed way to touchy and only worked well in certain instances. I have been happy wit a Gen3 Revo S , a SLX MGL, and most recently the TD Fuegos on those rods.
  12. Agreed^^ I had Dobyns Fury in 733 and 734, but after trying other options, the 734 started to feel heavy. I weighed it and weighed nearly 6oz. Not horrible, but you can feel the difference when compared to other offerings like Sierra series, Daiwa Tatula, or others around that range. I have since gotten rid of most of my Fury rods othervthan the 705cb or 703c
  13. ^^Agreed^^ I had the same results. I saw someone on a video explain it in a way that finally clicked and made sense to me. To me, fishing a swim jig is a little different to me than a regular jig because it is typically moving, so when a fish inhales it, you can feel them inhal it and set the hook before they even close their mouth and end up ripping it out of their mouth A slower more moderate rod allows them to get ahold of it before your line loads up from setting the hook,.. Which has improved hookup ratio for me. I haven't lost near as many fish since switching to a slower rod. Same goes for spinnerbaits and chatterbaits.
  14. If that's the same rubberized coating that goes sticky on the Abu rod reel seats and Pflueger President reel knobs, I haven't found anything that helped. I eventually just got rid of all of mine.
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