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California Bass Fishing

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In your guys' experience, is it true that California bass are more finicky than say, Midwest or Southern LMB? I have no idea what it's like to fish in a natural, freshwater lake and can only imagine how much [relatively] easier it is to catch the wild bass there. I've read and heard countless times that CA bass are harder to catch because of our limited lakes and tons of fishing pressure.


Do you guys agree with these ideas?

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Yes and no, they are finicky but I can still catch them as well as I did in Missouri , I just fish way different here in Cali then the Midwest

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Florida strain LMB are very different then northern strain LMB, spots and smallies are the same regardless where they live.

FLMB tend to be far more wary and prefer larger more natural looking lure most of the time, unless the prey/baitfish are small. The fact FLMB grow about 1/3rd larger than NLMB tells you they are different bass and have different behavior traits. Water clarity, depth and temperature is a big factor to consider, however lakes that have or had both FLMB and NLMB it is easy to know the difference by how aggressive a NLMB strikes lures vs the FLMB.


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