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Tournament Speed Spool Vs Bb1

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So I've been looking at the new Lew's BB1 and I hear a lot of good things about it. The question I have is, how does it differ from the Tournement Speed Spool. The only notable characteristic I see is that it's an ounce lighter. I looked at the specs, but most of it is a different language to me. I'm not very mechanically inclined, so if you could explain any advantages one has over the other rather than just stating what the specific difference is, I would appreciate it very much.


 BTW,  I have the TSS and I absolutely love it, I find it hard to believe that $10 could get me that much more. Thanks for your help.

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I have all Lew's casting reels and specifically the ones you're asking about. The tournament pro is the best bang for the buck. They can be picked up for $155 new. I haggled one down to $145 the other day. The bb models don't have a mag break just centrifugal but it's also the smart brake system. The BB1 and BB1L are the only models without the instant anti reverse. All the rest have it. So anything other then the 5:1:1 ratio is not designed to be a cranking reel. These can be found for $130 My bb1zl casts a lot smoother then the tournament speed spool which can be had for $110 or less.

I also have a tournament mg as a crank reel. It was my only LH option in a low ratio since the BB1 models hadn't been released yet. I also had a regular speed spool but sold it. Was loud.

I fish LH retreive so I can't speak for the team Lews models or the super duty. You never said if you wanted a cranking reel or what. My preference goes as follows if it's not meant for just cranks.




If it's for cranks then the BB1 for sure.

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The BB1 is a different reel with features designed to maximize casting distance, ease of retrieve with lures (crankbaits) that require torque and a different anti reverse system. The intent of the design features ? Cast a crankbait a long long way, crank all day with minimum fatigue, feel the subtle vibrations of the bait in the reel itself. It's not about that much more for ten bucks as it is that much different. Try one and you will believe it.

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It looks almost exactly like the old BPS David Friits cranking reel. I had one, it would cast a mile. The BB1 in the 5.1:1 has a dual pawl type anti reverse, basically the handle will slip back about 1/8 turn and catch. Fritts says that this feature is essential to feeling the crankbait.

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