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  1. rippin-lips


  2. Consider it already gone once you buy it. It’ll help you get over that fear. On the plus side it’s easy to find another if need be.
  3. Gantarel jr s waver 168 savage gear shine glide G2 shellcracker hudd 68 3:16 rising son trash fish All you need to be productive and not break the bank. Get into the mindset that you’re going to loose them. It’s part of the game my friend.
  4. Try standing under a tent that has offerings from like 12 different makers. I was $450 lighter in under 2 minutes, and that’s not an exaggeration either. I got 2 Pizz baits. A bgc glide and the new 6” bull rat.
  5. Attended the Swimbait Universe event this weekend in VA. Got to meet the man Paul Smith face to face and pick up some of his Pizz Customs baits as well. Met a lot of other makers also. Kevin Lee of BGC,Mike Bucca, and a few more.
  6. My new #1 of 5 switchblade from illude baits. This is a pre release and not up for sale yet. Super stoked on this one.
  7. Let’s just say it almost felt like it was free.
  8. Priced too low to pass up. Mint zillion type R with spacers, zillion 1016 sv spool, and IP68 line guide.
  9. Funny how things work. Took me 7 months to find one, and I have another already. I also passed on buying a 3rd today.
  10. @Harold Scoggins Limited (tilapia) pattern. I was sent this as a gift from the guy who runs/created Swimbait Canada.
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