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Float N Fly Jigs.. Whatchu Think

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Well the time for the Float n fly is here... or at least that's what I've been told. I'm new to this method but can't wait to try it ... I ordered a bps microlite 9'6" and paired it with a pfleuger president spinning reel and 100yards of 6lb fluorocarbon line. I have researched it a lot already but always want to learn more.

Tell me what you know about the Fnf.

What works best for you?

How long of a leader do you start with?

Best water temp? The colder the better?

For those of you who don't know, look it up. You WILL be interested.

Thanks for reading and God bless.

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Line I use is braid with a 10-12 foot leader of fluro. I use only punisher jigs, the hair ones are good with water temp down to about 46 then I use their duck feather ones. I have fished it in water down to 40 with great results. Some of my biggest smallies came on this method! I use a 9-10 foot leader. Hope this helps!

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Go to Glenn's (bassresource) you tube channel, and do a search from his library, he has a couple of friends that he did a video with, it has some AWESOME input and great web sites to get your tackle from, along with how too's as well.


This method is really productive for both LMB and SMB, If you have spotted bass it's killer in cold water.

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My home lake is Blue ridge lake which has some killer smallies, spots, largemouth, and cold clear water. Should be good.

Thank you guys for the replies.

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