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If you suscribe to Bass Angler magazine the opening article is by our own P.J. Pahygiannis.


The article discusses using the wrong baits to catch bass.


What I found interesting is that is exactly what happened to my friend when we fished a private tournament on Lake Gaston a few years ago.


We blasted off from Nutbush and went direct to the dam and its islands.


When we got there, my friend pulled out this foot long silver saltwater shiner with treble hooks the size of my hand. I did not say a word as I knew he was a saltwater fisherman and he was not up to speed on bass fishing.


Lo and behold he caught our first bass on that big shiner. The bass was a two pounder and he hit that gigantic lure. I was in shock. I could not beleive my eyes. The bait was almost as long as the bass.


Even though PJ bases his data on  muskie, Choppers and bucktail jigs his premises that big baits catch big fish is correct. That is why swim baits are popular as they may not catch a lot of bass but they do attract the big ladies.


There are a lot of short articles in the winter edition of Bass Angler. Get a copy and enjoy. Just don't get anal about the proof reading and spelling mistakes. The articles are informative.


And good ole PJ is one of the contributors!

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Thanks Sam! I just saw this! Stay tune for my Walleye baits for bass article!

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