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Backwards But Finally Got A Fox

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Lol ok so last night I said I give up but I came home took a nap and went back out this morning to the same woods I hit last night. 


I got pulled in around 730 ish grabbed my .17 and headed in this time no calls, no camo, just me and my gun and a hand full of shells I was gonna get a few squirrels to join the 2 in my freezer from earlier in the week. 


I started walking in now when I squirrel hunt I kinda still hunt I walk at a snails pace it took me 30 minutes to get maybe 300 yards. I seen 3 on my way in but didn't get shots they were in thick brush and the 17 wasn't gonna make it in there and I wasn't wasting any ammo with this shortage. So I figured I'd go where I know I will get a pile my buddys archery stand because every deer hunter knows squirrel central is smack dab where you put your stand that and I passed up like 10 the other day while calling there.


So I get to the tree stand climb up get situated and just wait. Seen 1 squirrel off the get go about 100 yards out but headed my way so I just sat patiently for my first victim. 


I'm not in the tree 3 minutes and here comes a fox headed right at me outta the thick stuff!!! I tried kissing at it to get it to stop nothing just kept trotting head on about 30 yards out I say forget the kissing i'll just shoot it on the move. Soon as I picked up my gun it turned a little laid its ears back and started running towards the gate to the pasture must have seen something it wanted idk so I squeeze off a round down he goes. First fox of the season on a full run dropped 15 feet from the stand I was in and I wasn't even calling!


Sat there for a minute taking it in climbed down to get my game. I set my gun down on the log bend over to grab my fox and what the hell 2 more standing out in the pasture big beautiful cherry red fox standing there begging shoot me. So I grabbed the gun quick get one in my scope and I hesitate.....the winds blowing 30 mph this morning and still is this was about to be a 125 yard shot in 30 mph winds with a 17HMR NOT gonna happen I mean maybe but like I said kinda wanna save bullets and only take shots I know 100% I'm gonna make. So what felt like a hour watching these two fox in the pasture was over in like 2 seconds because they kicked on the after burners and were gone I seen em again go into the thick stuff by the house bout 400 yards away d**n and I left my call at home!


So I got 1 today a male with I'm pretty sure mange not that it mattered because that 17 destroyed the hide I hit it about a inch maybe 2 back behind the front leg the 20gr game point went in and came out by its rear hip on the opposite side blowing a tennis ball sized hole in it! I skinned it out just in case it wasn't mange but once I seen that hole nope no good. Mods I'm sorry if the one pic violates the rules.














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Admit it you found it dead in the snow by "luck" and you shot it!! 


Nice Kill Clayton.

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