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Transducer Mount For Kayak

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Does anyone know of an effective way to mount a transducer to a canoe?  I have a small radisson canoe and was considering a permanent transducer to go with my fish finder.  It's made of marine aluminum and I would not want to drill a hole in it.


Below is a factory pic of my boat.




Any help would be appreciated.



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You could always go the duct seal route and make a semi permanent shoot through the hull mount. There are also transducer arms made by ram and there is also a mini-liberator arm that is kind of the same thing.

I think I still have mine that I don't use. If you pm me your address I'll send it to you. Rather have someone use it then it sitting in my shed.

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Or y


ou could save some money (sort of) and make your own transducer arm + mount. If you're handy with tools and such.


Buy some nylon cutting board (black if you can find it), a couple lengths of 1/2" square aluminum posts from HD or Lowes, some stainless nuts, washers bolts, etc.



Finder Mount-Side

Finder Mount

But as flyfisher mentioned, there are pre-made xducer arms that may be easier all around.

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