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Trolling Motor Upgrade Question.

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Hey guys,

I want to change out my stock trolling motor that came with my bass tracker in the boat package. It's a Motor Guide 12v. I want a Minn Kota 24v, but not sure which one to buy. Any suggestions? Also before I make my purchase on a new trolling motor what do I have to do or change for my battery's? I have a 4 bank Battery charger that came with my boat. Not sure what is needed for this upgrade from 12v to 24v.

Thank you!

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I'm sorry I meant 2-bank 4amp on board battery charger!

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Would I have to do any rewiring or battery changes with a 12v - 24v swap out?

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The only rewiring so to speak would be at the battery connections. The batteries need to be run in series to get 24v. You probably want to move up to a 3 bank charger. The higher the amps on the charger the quicker the charge. You'll want 2 deep cycle for the TM. As far as which TM to buy MK has different options depending on your needs and pocketbook

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I recommend a Minn Kota Maxxum 24v motor over the Motorguide, i have both.






How to do it right:


1. Two group 29 or better deep cyle batteries (Walmart Marine Everstarts are a great value or top of the line with  Odyssey AGM)


http://www.walmart.com/ip/EverStart-Maxx-Group-Size-29-Marine-Battery/20531539 ($200/pair)




*Use a mated pair of batteries UNLIKE my picture since you want them to be both new at the time of install and of the same make/brand



2. A bridge cable as pictured in white make sure it is at least 8 or 10 gauge, 8 being better. ($3)




3. A circuit breaker see manufactures recommendation for correct size (see on/off switch in picture) ($30) (Make sure you turn it off when not using boat and when charging batteries or trailering boat)






4.  Make sure cable is thick enough gauge to carry voltage amp from the back of boat to where the trolling motor is, I believe you want at least 6 or 8 gauge wire depending on length






5. The  plug up front by the bow mount trolling motor if you don't already have one. ($30-$40)




6. A trolling motor stablizing kit for those rough days on the water ($30)




7. A GOOD battery charger and room to mount it on your boat, or you can get a GOOD portable  charger.







8. Don't use wing nuts to secure cables to batteries,  use stainless steel nylon locking nuts and coat terminal ends with dielectric grease


9. Make sure you have battery tray with a method of securing batteries such as straps as pictured.


10. Recharge batteries within 12 hours of use


Picture below is from the back of my boat, notice the white bridge cable from + to -, the circuit breaker, the lock nuts, and covering of exposed terminals. Also, notice the yellow fused leads from the dual pro sportsman series charger.


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Thank you so much!

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Great response Hawg Tech!  It doesn't get any better than that!

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