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Looking For Two New Setups!

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Hello everyone.


I'm looking to purchase two new setups. I mostly do a great deal of pitching and skipping soft plastics and spinner baits. I throw some top water from time to time (buzz and frogs) as well with some occasional craink baits (maybe 10% of the time). The areas where I wish tend to be grassy and fairly shallow for the most part through the year.


I'm looking to get two new setups to cover what I stated above fairly well. I have a fair budget of around $650. Could you all offer up some recommendations based on my criteria? Any help would be great! I have been looking at the Lews Tournament Pro SS, St. Croix Avid series, The Gen 3 Revo SX (I love the ones I currently have), but I'm definately open to suggestions as I haven't been up to date on the latest offerings.


I currently own the following.


Revo SX Generation 1 6.4 - BPS Extreme 6'8" MH

Revo SX Generation 1 7.1 - American Rod Smith 7' M

Revo SX Generation 2 6.4 - Veritas 7'3" MH

Shimano Curado200B - 6.2 - Allstar 6'6" MH


Thanks all!!!! Hoping to put something new in the water this upcoming weekend!

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I am not certain you couldn't get by just fine with what you have. I know it isn't what you want to hear but you have several outfits that would be just fine for pitching, frogs, buzzbaits (Your MH outfits with braid should cover these). Your medium action rod should suffice as cranking and topwater outfit should you spool it with mono.

If you want to upgrade to something new for the applications you listed with a $300 +/- budget for each setup you have quite a few options. There are tons of threads on here for rod and reel ideas ... just do a search on here.

You can search on eBay or wait for an online sale to help stretch your dollar.

If you haven't taken a peak at TW take a look at their rods and reels and also the reviews. It will at least help you familiarize your self with what is out there.

Since you asked I will give you my personal picks as an example:

1. For your crankbaits and topwaters grab a dobyns 705 CB glass fast action rod. It will be a great multi purpose stick. Match that rod up with a BPS Pro Qualifier reel in a lower speed ratio of your choice with any 10-12# mono of your choosing. This is probably in the neighborhood of $330 before any sale prices are figured in.

2. You can upgrade you flipping stick and frog rig to something more powerful if you choose. A phenix recon 715 and a Daiwa Lexa would be pretty nice with your choice of braid. This outfit will be right $340ish prior to sales prices.

This would around $670. If you shopped around I am sure it would be very doable to upgrade to both these outfits to around $550 when retailers have their 20% off sales.

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1. Cranking set up- Team Daiwa Light and Tough 7' Crankin Rod. ($120 at Tackle Warehouse) Pair that up with the Abu Garcia Revo Winch. ($200 through TW)=$320. That would be a great setup for cranking. Works well with square bill, rattle trap, deep cranking. Its a set up I actually have and enjoy using.  I see that you already like the Revos, the Winch should be good for you.


2.  Spinning Rod-  G. Loomis Shakey Head Spinning Rod ($250 TW) and Daiwa Exceler reel 2500 model ($80). The reel is amazing for the price and the rod is amazing cause its a Loomis. You can load a boat with the shakey head and if you are having trouble getting a bite, maybe throw a senko. Would be an awesome set up!


Those two would help round out your gear. You would have an amazing shakey head set up, which you could use for most finesse things (Senko, wacky worm, etc.) and you would have a fantastic cranking set up. I hope this helps somewhat. From your post, it makes me think you probably dont like the spinning set ups, i know alot of people just go baitcasters. I however have had a lot of success with spinning and would highly reccomend it.

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