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Will Wetline

Rocking And Ripping On Quabbin, 4/25/13

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It was going to be yet another 5 layer day on the water which is to say that to prevent the wind from sucking all the heat out of my body, I was going to need 5 layers of clothing over my birthday suit. High temp predicted: low 60s. Wind: 10 - 15 mph. Air temp was in the mid 40s when I got underway and not too far out on this big water I found myself struggling to steer straight into a NNW wind that was easily 20 mph and gusting higher. Was I crazy? Well, you already know I'm a bass fisherman. And I was going fishing. I finally arrive at my favorite early season bank.




 It's only a bit breezy here compared to the open water. You see waves rolling in to this steep-breaking, jig-eating bank. I like this. Water temp. was 49º and I decided to start off with a size 100 suspending jerkbait because working this, just hard enough to feel the vibes, would generate more heat for my no-longer-young body than dragging a jig. Pull, pause, pull, pause . . . about 15 minutes into this casual retrieve something brushed the bait. I know it was fish because the bottom was 15' beneath the Pointer's orange belly. But the contact was just a peck on the cheek. Next cast nada. The next . . . whoa! This take said, "I want you, baby! Now!" And here's my first jerkbaited smallmouth of the season:




 It may appear to you that I have touched up this photo. You are correct. I did this because I have the camera fixed on the front bench seat as you see in the photo below:




 The sun was at an angle that caused the original photo to be overexposed so with the tools on my Mac, I tried to improve the pic somewhat. Important note: do not ever even think that I use computer trickery to enhance the size of my bass. Better you should say bad things about close family members. Capeesh? The very next cast I had another smallie on, about the same size, but only briefly, alas. I worked this general area for another couple of hours but no other takers. About 11:30 the wind died down to an agreeable 10 mph so I ventured into open water under which there were acres and acres of sand/gravel flats. The sun was high; the breeze was good - surely there'll be bass up out of the surrounding deep water looking over this sizable nursery area. Yes. 




 This 4.0 lber. was surprisingly spirited, jumping three times out of the now 50º water. Maybe she wanted to feel the heat of the sun as I did! It's 4:00 now and I've gotten no further action on these flats so I head in. It's not a Q trip without checking the Bass Magnet, however. Hmmm . . . with Quabbin 4' - 5' down there's only a foot of water over the highest point of this small, isolated rock pile. Still, there should be a smallie sitting in the hole off the north end. Maybe so, but it wouldn't respond to the jerkbait. Confidence undiminished, I offered the homemade jig that had produced on my first two trips this year.




 Aha! She loved it. A few casts later I lost a bigger bass on the same bait. Aargh. One last spot before heading in and that's going to be the Bald Head Ridge. I started ripping just south of the pate and landed a legal but smallish bass on the jerkbait. This fish was traveling with a friend but I couldn't make her acquaintance on subsequent casts. One last cast further down the ridge . . . nothing. No kidding now, here's the last, last cast. Nope. Party's over. Time to head in before the DCR cops come out to lash 50 lb. braid around my wrists and drag me back to the dock. Was I tired and windburned at 6:30 pm? Well, let me say I listened to the Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" on the way home - twice.

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Thank you for the Photobucket update and compliment.


Coming back to BR a few hours after I put up the report, I see the toolbar is back at the top of the Reply box. I don't need to know where it went as long as it's there when I post. The way I learned to post photos on another forum with the same format as BR is:


1) Reduce photo to 800 X 600 in Photobucket.


2) Return to BR and click on the "blue box" icon in the middle of the lower row of the toolbar.


3) Paste the "Direct link" you copied from Photobucket and voila!




If you have a really good day on the water, you'll have to choose your best 10 pics because that's the max number you can post at 800 X 600 on boards with this format. 


Tight lines and many good pics, 



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Way to go Will, Great report.  No your not crazy, just crazy about fishin,been blown off that place more than once and seems in the spring it's always a wet ride thru the pass.  I'm there tomorrow and Monday hopefully I'll connect, if not it won't be the first time Miss Q has handed me my butt.

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nice outing!

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