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"tinea Versicolor" - Light/dark Spots On Neck Area During Hot Summers On The Water

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I started having these light spots on the back of my neck 2 summers ago and went to a family practice doctor and was diagnosed with "Tinea Versicolor" which opportunely a fungal yeast infection that can cause white spots on the skin.


He prescribed me an antibiotic and told me to lather Selsun Blue and let it stay on my neck 15-20m, 3-4 times a week until they go away.  the very slightly went away, but have come back ever summer since...with more spots.


I wanted to post to see if anyone has had this issue before and what they might have done to make it better or get rid of them all together.  I wear a neck garter and sunscreen.  From what I've read the bacteria forms in the pores of your scalp and spread to your neck when sweating.


Im sure it's pretty common among fishermen in the summer?

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I actually went to the doctor earlier this week for the exact same thing.  Mine started on my upper chest then moved up to my neck.  I seem to get this about every 2 years or so.


My doctor prescribes a medicine named Nizoral or the generic version is call ketoconozole.  It is a pill that you take once a day for 5 days.  It is usually cleared up before the 5th day.



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Back to the doc I go then, and have to make it a yearly thing.  :cry3:

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I got some spots on my back a few years ago and Selsun Blue was recommended, helped a little bit.  Once a year I go for a physical, I also get a skin cancer screening and the health of my eyes checked at the appropriate specialists. 

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Had it before. Ketoconozole works well. To prevent it you need to allow air to easily pass over your skin. People get it on spots that their clothes often have constant contact with their skin. Go shirtless (or commando or barefoot) when you can, baggy fishing shirts with good venting are great at preventing it from coming back too often.

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Great post. Thank you for sharing.


Us bass fishermen are in the sun and wind and we do not protect our selves correctly.


I wear long pants; a Columbia long-sleeve fishing shirt; a baseball cap with a flap down the back; and have just started wearing a BUM. If it is 100* out this is what I wear.


My hands take the brunt of the wind and sun as does parts of my face if I remove the BUN.


Going to a dermotologist annually for a skin screening is also very important. All it costs is your copay (after any deductible you have selected, if any) and it gives you a good feeling to pass the inspection without finding any cancers or pre-cancers.


Going to the eye doctor every one or two years is also necessary. Our polorazied sunglasses can do only so much.


Hopefully all of you suffering from the skin conditon can get it under control and vanish it from the planet.


What I would be conderned about is the condition a precursor to any type of skin cancer? By what everyone has written that does not seem to be the case.


As for skin cancer, a doctor told me the melonoma will attack the weakest part of your skin, be it on the bottom of your foot up to your head and all places inbetween.


Maybe your post will be a wake up call for all of us.


Thanks for posting.

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