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Fish Chris

Interesting Trip.....

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this as actually last week, and @ the time, the trip itself (without any photos) didn't seem worth posting...


But check this out... I found a bed, with a 3 3/4, and a 5-6 lb Smallmouth. I ended up sticking the 3 3/4 lb "male" twice ! ....but never could get the female to come into my boat :(


So later, I pull up to an offshore hump and make a long cast with the Hud... crank... crank.... SLAM ! Fish on baby ! :) So it comes up and jumps, and its a really nice Northern strain bass... like maybe, 8 and change. Fight it all the way to the boat, reaching for the net, fish shakes loose... bye bye :)  Ya' know, honestly, I can't remember losing a fish like that, and it bothering me less ? Don't get me wrong, I'd probably take a photo of a beautiful 8 lb NS Bass... a 10+ NS Bass would be better :)  But I mean, the slamming hit, the jump, and the fight.... was what got my adrenalin pumping :) And that's what's all about anyway, right ? :) Just didn't have to get my hands wet :) LOL


Alright, so from right on top of this hump, I look over, and see a bed with two bass on it, that look to be 5 and 7-8 lbs. Long story short, I stuck the smaller fish, a beautiful 4 3/4 lb "male" ??? Twice ! Again, I was trying to stick the larger female, who acted interested, but just would not commit :(  {oh yea these fish would not eat a crawler, but ended up bighting a chartreuse huddlebug}


Now, here's the thing that trips me out > In most of my Florida strain trophy bass lakes, you might see a 10-15 lb female, with 3 or 4 males swarming all over her. Granted, none might be over 2 lbs ? Then I go to a lake where a 10+ is not real common, and yet it has males going 5 lbs !  ?


Oh, so I ended up making 8 catches, with 6 fish ;) Smallies to 3 3/4, Largemouth to 4 3/4


Lotsa' fun though :)



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