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  2. Might be a good idea. I remember as a kid, their used to be this one old guy that would play with us kids, at the club my parents belonged too. He always had a rag shoved into his mouth, to keep from drooling all over himself. He had had his lower jaw almost completely removed due to mouth cancer from chewing.... On the one hand, that will probably never happen to you. On the other hand, I'm sure that's what he thought. Peace, Fish
  3. I've seen it go both ways. Many X's I've come up on a group of big bass, stick (or miss) just one of them, and the rest instantly scatter. One other memorable time though, on Clear Lk. CA, my buddy and I found 7 nice bass, from 5-8 lbs, all circled around one big rock, which jutted up to within a couple feet of the surface. I guaranteed my buddy, the first crawdad placed on top of that rock, would get eaten...... but after that, the rest would probably scatter.... So we flipped a coin for the first cast I got it... and quickly stuck a 7 lb Bass Amazingly, the others barely budged ! They didn't even try to chase their buddy around after I hooked him (pretty common, right ?) So my buddy makes the next cast, Bam ! He sticks another nice 6-7 lb'er ! My next cast, I stick another ! Long story short, we sat there and stuck every darn one of them, in back to back casts ! We laughed about how the last one must have been thinking, finally the rest of these greedy %$$%# have left, so I can eat in peace LOL Who knows what goes on in the pea sized brain of a bass ? Peace, Fish
  4. Much thanks guys Hey, so I thought the Red Wing shot would make a cool desk top..... Now I can't find my icons through all the birds ! LOL Peace, Fish
  5. That's a lot of Red Wings ! I love Pintails, and this light.... Peace, Fish
  6. In reality, its all about ones total calorie and protein intake. If you eat enough to support both resistence training + cardio, you will be fine. Peace, Fish
  7. Thanks guys Big Bill, I haven't been on the water near so much as I use to be. But on the other hand, because of my new way of life, I might be able to be on the water more in the future Been a while since I caught my last DD bass though... 2 1/2 years ? I've really just been more opportunistic, making a lot fewer trips, but trying to do it at optimum times and places, with the actual species being pretty low on my list of importance. To me, great weather, and less people, make it a great trip right from the start.... Peace, Fish
  8. I just had to post, as I saw that this forum section had had exactly 20,000 replies, for 2,222 subjects..... Fish
  9. The slice ? As in 1 slice ? So that was the appetizer, what's for supper ? Well hey, if you can eat 1 slice of pizza, and be okay with that, then pizza is probably fine for you. For myself, if I can't eat a truckload of something, I'd rather just not tease myself with any of it to begin with. I always ate at least half a large, and since I built it {stacked it} myself, that was usually equal to 1 whole large, that somebody might walk in and buy... But Tuckaho knows what I'm talking about.... really hope I never have to eat another slice of that garbage again LOL Peace, Fish
  10. I haven't had a bite of Pizza in 4 years. Heck, for that matter, I haven't ate bread or cheese for about 3 years either. Don't even miss it the tiniest bit. I was SOOO freaking sick of Pizza, Buffalo wings, and pasta, that it was the easiest thing to quit eating, when I started eating healthy. BTW, you always know when a person does not "work around pizza every day", because they pick the most boring, played out, excuse for a pizza.... like, pepperoni... with tomato sauce LOL Ooooh ! Ahhh ! Bet they stayed up the whole night before to come up with that, huh ? LOL Here, try this > Canadian bacon Bacon bits, onions, pineapple, fresh garlic with light BBQ sauce Oh, and another thing.... Everybody always thinks that ranch sauce is only used with a ckicken pizza, and that used with anything else, it would be weird. When in reality, if you like ranch sauce, you will probably be surprised how good it is with pepperoni, Canadian bacon and pineapple, maybe even on a combo, or especially a vegetarian. OR, no sauce at all. You can use a light coating of olive oil instead. BTW, I believe pizza (and cheese, and bread) are all totally fine > If you eat a ridiculous small portion... like 1 or 2 slices. Instead of 1/2 to 3/4's of a fat, stacked up large, in a single sitting..... Like I used to always do Peace, Fish
  11. Much thanks to all of you guys Of course you all know photography is just SO much like fishing..... It's all about being in the right place, at the right time Peace, Fish PS, A friend of mine once witnessed one of these giant Sea Lions slamming and thrashing on a 100+ lb Sturgeon ! Yea', its a very good thing these dudes are not aggressive towards people. Oh actually, quick story; My buddy who works at a fish market in Bodega bay, told me about a huge Sea Lion that had come charging towards a dock covered with people, jumping up on top of it ! Of course a 600 lb creature slamming down on the dock, had everyone scrambling, and nearly sunk it. A few people fell, but didn't fall in the water. So anyway, it kept pacing back and forth nervously, but would not go back in the water. When the people that ran the place tried to run it off, it came at them with its mouth open, and let out a ferocious growling scream ! Needless to say, the people didn't try that again. Finally, after a couple hours, it finally took off. Of course there are not too many things that would make a 600 lb Sea Lion afraid to go in the water, but this one sure was ! Lots of sharks in the bay, but mostly smaller Leopards and Sands. They have neer seen a Great White "inside" of the Bay, but something sure had the Sea Lion freaked out !
  12. Salmon ! Well, not my catch.... So I had been Sturgeon fishing for about 3 hrs without any action, and then decided to head back to a spot halfway to the ramp. As I was running, I see a large, dead (I thought) Salmon, so I circle back to see it up close. As I come up on it, I see its actually still alive, but barely, swimming on its back. I actually hooked my scale on its jaw and it weighed 26.3 lbs, and was surprisingly clean. Don't know if it managed to spawn, first... I toss it back and go about another 1/4 mile to my spot. As I get anchored and situated, a giant {like 600 lbs} Sea Lion comes swimming by. They swim mostly under water, just popping there heads up for a breath maybe every 30-60 seconds or so. As it swims by, the thought crossed my mind, "I wonder if that Sea Lion is going to find that Salmon ??? I mean, this is a BIG river (150 yd across ?) In any case, I was sitting there kind of daydreaming, and I thought..... If he was going to find it, it would be somewhere about now..... and it couldn't have been 20 seconds later, I heard the first splash... from a 1/4 mile away ! Granted, it was flat calm, and sound travels so great over water, but I'm just saying, after that first splash, all hell broke loose ! I just HAD to pull the anchor and run up there real quick to see if I could get some good shots... Purposely went way wide and all the way around him, so that the light would be square behind me I probably took 60-80 shots in 3 or 4 minutes, but I think these would be my top 3 I'm just loving the water droplet detail in all of of them Oh.... so then, on the way back to the ramp > while running {alright I slow down to an idol, but in gear} I got a couple of birdies In-flight, that I was really happy with, mostly because they both got a lot of underside lighting, from the sun reflecting up off of the water Hope you enjoy them Peace, Fish
  13. JT, just so you know, I'm not talking about a big gulp full of raw egg whites..... or even just "plain" poached egg whites. My egg whites are total flavor bombs ! I usually leave in 1-3 yolks, then season with season salt, black pepper, and some kind of McCormacks stuff like maybe molasses and bacon, or Smokehouse maple..... scrambled, then I pour sugar free syrup all over them. Bam ! Alergic to eggs ? Hopefully you can still eat stuff with a little egg in it.... Peace, Fish PS, JT > To some degree I do agree that the highly marketed programs (P90X, Insanity, etc) are a fad. However, I don't do them to be popular (some people do). I do them because they work. The programs are really difficult but like I said, they work. < Totally agreed. Its totally up to the individual, with whether they can stick to it tightly enough, but yes, if they can, these programs can be very effective. Granted, so can "any" program which brings up your heart and lung rate, and taxes your muscles.... pretty much daily. IMPO, most people get WAAAY too caught up in which is better... this program, or that one, this exercise or that one, this exercise, or that one, etc, etc..... When in reality, what's far more important is that your still exercising and eating healthy, next month, next year, and EVERY freaking year, for the rest of your life, that you want to be healthy. Peace
  14. Jt, you said > my body fat percentage. I came in at almost 20% which is crazy. < Ha ! After my initial 80 lb weight loss, at which point, I weighed 189 lbs, my BF % was still 23% ! I've went through several bulks and cuts since then. Right now I'm bulking again. Weighing 220 at about 12%. After my last cut, I was weighing 208 at very close to 10% Never been that lean in my life ! Can't wait to cut off all the body slime next Spring I've gotten to a point where I can put my cut and bulk weights on a 12 month calendar, and then just flat out make it happen. Took close to 50 years, but I finally have 100% control over my weight... regarding the fat anyway If I could make muscle grow at will, the way I can make fat disappear, I'd be about 300lbs@8% Supplements..... eh... I'm kind of middle of the road on them. I agree that whey protein can help make it easier to get your 1-2gms per lb of body weight, per day. But ya' know, I eat 10 jumbo egg whites every morning for breakfast.... some kind of protein tuna, chicken, whatever with lunch, and a 16-24oz serving of meat, (chicken, fish, pork, sometimes steak) every single day of the year. I use to eat more protein shakes, bars, etc, but I find it pretty easy to get my 200-220gm's of protein daily, without it. The only other "legal" supplement out of all of the hundreds or thousands of them, which their is hard core proof that it works, is creatine.... and wouldn't you freaking know it ? I'm the one guy out of how every many hundred, that cannot tolerate creatine Okay granted, if a person had money, and were getting up in there years, they could go see Dr. Jeffery Life Oh no ! He's not on steroids.... it's hormonal replacement therapy LOL Alright bro.... Peace, Fish
  15. Personally speaking, trolling is likely the best way to "cheat myself" out of catching a big bass LOL Not saying it can't be effective, just saying > I SUCK at it As many X's as I've tried trolling a swim bait, I've never caught 1 DD bass doing it. Peace, Fish
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