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Texas bassman

The One That Got Away

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I was fishing this small lake in a rich neighborhood no one really fishing for the first time. Seen at least 10 bass jump close to the bank about 60-70 ft away to my right. They were huge. Water was dirty from recent rain so I threw my chartreuse spinner bait and about 5 casts later I hook up with a bass I didn't set the hook since all my bass have smashed a spinner and hook up pretty good. Anyway after about 4 cranks it gets off. I was ticked and disappointment since they were Alot of huge ones jumping. Didn't get another bite for the rest of the time I was there. Might have been a big one might not. But we all have those times of what if. Yall get your heart broken this weekend? Lol

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Not this weekend, but last year my son and I were fishing a local lake back home. We were about to head in, when he wanted to reel my bait caster in. Casted a Bomber 6A in red crawfish out and he thought it was snagged. He set the hook and after a few minutes I had to take over. 15 minutes later we landed a 25" Wiper.


The next evening we hit the same spot. Same lure and same time. I got a hit like I've never felt before. After 10 minutes, my reel was making some scarey noises and the drag cut loose and the reel went to free spool. I used my thumb as best as I could and drug the line in like a fly rod as the handle would not engage the spool. A few minutes later, the crank came flying out of the water and gave my bell a nice little ring.


We fished that spot hard for 2 more weeks and never landed anything over 20" again. What ever the hell that was, I bet money its still there. My son asks me almost daily why I let that fish go lol

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I don't get heartbroken.  Getting the strike and fighting the fish is good enough, I want them to jump, that's the fun of bass fishing, I'm going to release them anyway.  I've landed my share.

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