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New Hampshire Bite Is On

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Went out to my favorite 100acre lake. Weather was 70 and sunny with winds 5-12mph coming from the south. Moon phase was 95%lit and waning. I started in a shallow cove that I thought maybe I would find some heavyweights cruising around in search of crawfish and habitable spawning bottom. I started with a strike king 1.5 sexy shad running it over the channel in front of the outlet and over a w mostly buried wing dam. No takes and the wind was funneling into the cove. Next I grabbed my rod w a 4" smoke/gold flake senko on a sz1 gammy octopus hook. First toss to the creek bed and as it fluttered down I set the hook. As I worked it closer I saw 2 pickerel criscrossing over. I flipped on up And unhooked it. I thought now I had activated the bite. A threw a few more colors and sizes of wacky and nose hooked senkos as well as a couple jigs and grubs with no more bites. It was now about 4:20 and I B lined to my honey hole that never fails me along the eastern bank with 1 good break line and tons of rock piles. I started throwing a 1/8oz. Bitsyjig in green pumpkin with a matching rage craw chunk. I slowly dragged it feelin every twig stone and change in bottom and then hooked up. This time I knew it was what I had come for because as I worked her over she launched out of the water thrashing about. It was 2lbs which is the average for this lake. I tossed it back and threw the jig a few more times with no luck. Next I grabbed my stickbait setup with a wacky rigged 6inch green pumpkin senko. Again on the flutter I hooked up with another acrobatic bass this one being the biggest of the day at 2lb14oz. I went through a few more different baits snagging and losing a few on the rock piles. Then I tied up a 2 1/2 inch watermelon red flake tube bait from a local company with a booth at the hunting and fishing expo in Salem. Anyways I snagged the red hooked tube jig w the tube and as I popped it off the snag I loaded on another one. In it came looking almost identical to the other 2 this one beig about 6:10. I threw this one back and wrapped it up for the day. I was happy with the 3 little piggies in the hour I was at my honey hole. I had made a few trips there late winter an march with no luck so I'm pumped that this lake has now been turned on for the season. I would like to try targeting more smallies in there but the section of the lake I frequent is more largemouth

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