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I am finding myself traveling more and more for work and thought of a nifty idea.  Why not buy a telescopic rod to carry with me on these trips in case I find a body of water I am able to fish.


So I started to google the telescopic rod and found a number of places that sells them, BPS being one of them.  I am seeing a lot on Amazon as well as Ebay. 


Now, I wouldn't fork out a crap ton of money for one of these set ups, mainly for the fact I wouldn't use it a lot.


I am seeing them on ebay, as well as Amazon for about $10-15.  which aint bad at all.  I realize a lot of them are coming from China or Hong Kong..............but it is something to get by with.


question is this....has anyone ever bought a telescopic rod for this same reason?  Have you bought the 10-20 dollar set ups??  How did they hold up?


worth the purchase?


(i would use it for bass fishing, artificial lures)

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I also travel a lot for work and looked at these rods...I was not impressed. I ended up just buying a two piece shimano convergence, not the best rod but better than any of those telescoping rods I looked at.

I guess the what really matter is are you driving or flying for work? In my case I drive a lot so keeping a two piece rod in my vehicle was not an issue. If I was flying a lot it would be a different story.

I have also flown for work and in those cases I normally find the nearest walmart and pick up an ugly stick.

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I think it's a great idea to go ahead and buy a telescopic rod! 10-20 dollar rod, not so much! Although you will not be using it very often, I would go ahead and buy a reputable brands telescopic rod, such as:






Buying a cheap Chinese brand combo could bite you in the a** in the long run when you hook into a nice fish, I have caught tons of nice fish while fishing small urban business ponds.


Granted, the two combos I listed above could possibly be Chinese rip-offs, considering they are fairly cheap (I was surprised!) you may be better off just getting the cheapest combo possible. Either way, I hope you find what your looking for!

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Thank you for the advice. Most of my travel so far is by car. So a two piece combo would probably work....I'll keep looking

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