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Not A Great Evening Out

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I just need to vent a little. I decided to drive out to my favorite little bank fishing lake this evening for the first time this year. Lets just say it didn't go as I had it planned. Got to the parking lot at around 6 15 and no one else was there, that was about as happy as I got this evening. I caught a small bass about the size of the jerkbait I was throwing on about the 3rd cast, and after that is when things started to go wrong. About 20 mins later I made a cast and got the lure caught on a limb of an overhanging tree. I had 14 lb test on so i figured I could just pull it a break the limb or pop it free. Well I pulled for a while and the line ended up breaking, which disappointed me but I wasnt too mad yet. Then I started to reline the rod and noticed I had broken off the tip of my best casting rod. I ended up losing another jerkbait and my favorite top water lure after this as well. 20 some dollars worth of lures lost and broke my $70 rod. Not a great evening. 


Oh well, better luck next time.

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Sucks man.  We all have those days.  I haven't broken a rod (yet) but I've had more than a few trips where I've lost several 6 or 7 dollar baits.  Not catching much or anything at all makes it even worse.  Those are the days where you feel like you could have just thrown a 20 in the lake, went home and saved yourself the trouble.

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I feel for you.  I had that happen a couple of years ago when I didn't give myself enough slack in the line.  Luckily the rod I broke wasn't very expensive.

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