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    Been fishing since I was about 8 years old.  I've been fishing seriously for bass since 2002.

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  1. Here is a pic of my 73 Chevy Nova. The first car I ever owned. My parents bought it during the 73 oil embargo because my mom's impala basically just up and died, It had a factory 350 in it, and my folks got a really good deal because of the standard transmission. My mom hated driving a stick in city traffic so when I was old enough they signed it over to me. Wild thing was about three years after I got rid of it, I was driving home from work, and it passed me on the highway.
  2. This year the bass seem to be hitting jigs very slowly. Then again I have noticed schools of shad in lakes that have never had shad in them before. My top baits this year have been: Weightless plastic worm. Weightless stickbait. Spinnerbait.
  3. A spool of green 15# Big Game, and some gift cards. Later on I got treated to a meal at Applebee's.
  4. After landing the bass, it will not thrash or shake until I reach down to remove the hook. Then it goes nuts trying to get that second set of treble hooks into my hand.
  5. I use two lists. One for bank fishing and one for boat fishing. Some of the items on the list are duplicates, but a lot of them are not.
  6. Probably about 80/20. I tend to loose the fish if they aren't hooked good, or if there is some type of solid cover between me and the fish.
  7. I change mine when the car strains to start. I change it at the first sign trouble because when the battery starts to go out it won't last the day.
  8. A Johnson 100A Century was my first reel. My dad put it on a kiddie rod for me to use when I was about 4 years old. When I was older the Century went on a longer rod. I used that reel until the mid 70s. The reel still works and is down in the basement in a drawer with some other old reels.
  9. I pull some extra line off of the reel to let the bait sink straight down. Then I let it sink until the fluke gets down to the bottom. When the line stops moving then you should be down there.
  10. Ultravibe Speed Craw Z-Craw Z-Hog Superhog.
  11. Bottom baits: Weightless 4" Yum Dinger. Weightless 5-3/8" BPS Stik-o. 6" Creme Scoundrel rigged weightless, on a dropshot, or on a split shot rig. Zoom Finesse Worm rigged weightless, on a dropshot, or on a split shot rig. 3" BPS Stik-o on a split shot rig or on a drop shot. 1/8 oz jig with a 2-1/2" or 3" trailer. Trying for a presentation that has a small profile, and is somewhat shorter in length. Zoom UV Speedcraw on either a 1/16 or 1/8 oz. Texas rig. Moving baits: SK KVD 1.0 crankbait Cordell 1/3 oz. Big-O Zara Puppy Pop-R
  12. If you work all the time, you are going to burn out. Same with fishing. You have to mix it up, and make some time for yourself.
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