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    Have done a lot of fishing in my life, but only got serious about bass fishing the last couple years.

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  1. 🤣 I’m not much of a topwater guy. I’ve tried a bit , I own a couple ploppers.
  2. Never caught a fish on one regardless of color.
  3. Trilene knot for mono/ floro palomar for braid uni to uni for braid to leader only knots I use. I only use braid to leader with light lines on spinning gear.
  4. I shipped a rod tube thru the ups store , and was quite shocked on the price! it was no where near 25$. Don’t go there to ship🤣 maybe they overcharged me, she said it was a big extra cuz it was oversized.
  5. Because they are not smart and do not see or think like human beings.
  6. I had a fenwick HMG that had full cork handle that was pretty nice, about 100$
  7. I received a rod (and tube) in this condition. It was obviously done in shipping. I sent an email and a couple pics and had a new rod in a couple days. I would think any reputable dealer would have it insured, and replace for free. Mine was from ALX. excellent customer service.
  8. A lot of great baits mentioned- my favs: Bagley flat balsa B2 Rapala OG tiny 4
  9. Last one of the season. All ice now.
  10. Hardly threw a topwater bait of any kind. don’t recall catching a fish on top.
  11. Check out ALX rods, lots of options,great customer service
  12. Got some to open yet, many of these are going to my son, and nephew. I’m sure some guys can blow my collection of hundreds away! Hey, never can have too many!
  13. Crankbaits, a lot! I guess I don’t know what that is. some guys have hundreds, some guys a handful. I know I’ve got at least 75 lipless, and at least that many square bills. and many more- just started on my Rapala DT series , and OG series collection, and I’m in the off season. Ice here now, so not much to do but order more!
  14. I fail to see a reason to take a new reel apart. It’s pretty easy to add a drop or 2 of oil with no disassembly. I guess I would not do it, because I’m not that confident to put it all together right. I’d rather pay a professional, if it’s a pricey reel.
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