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    Just an older guy that loves bass fishing, starting in the mid 1960's. Watched all the tv fishing shows and bought all the magazines. Fished out of aluminum deep v boats. Still fishing out of my '96 Grumman dv16sp w/ 50 hp rude, and we get out 32 - 50 times a year. Mostly weekends. I am no "hot stick" but I know my way around a tacklebox.

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  1. Otter - i haven't found that many in 55 years. Nice.
  2. I only have about a dozen in the boat, floating/ suspending/deep in a few different colors. The other 3 or so dozen stay at home in a 370. I don't need every color in the catalog, in every size or depth. My best catcher last year was a 1/2 oz. Lucky Craft SP in chartruese w/ purple back that i got at our annual lure swap, and paid $3. I never would have bought that lure at a store price because it just doesn't seem to make sense fishing it my clear lakes. Silly me.
  3. I think TR46 could catch a bass on that.......
  4. Like others have said, a sharp, fine wire hook would help. Maybe even leaving the hook slightly exposed. Ajay was a little harsh...(unlike him)
  5. 16' grumman deep v, 50 hp evinrude pros: perfect size for the lakes i fish (under 1000 acres) cheap to operate (12 gal. tank - good for 3-5 trips) handles waves better than a johnboat it's paid for cons: rod storage- 7' max length, can only fit 8 rigs wished it had: 70hp,hydraulic steering,24v spot-lok t/m
  6. You could assemble 5 of those for $20.
  7. I couldn't care less if my spinnerbait vibrates more or less than yours. I fish during the day in clear water, so it's a visual thing (to me). .035 or larger dia. wire, preferably not a "r" bend, a sampo or worth b.b. swivel, usually gold blades, and a skirt i make up, and a good trailer hook...$5 each.
  8. I've been a Chippendale for the last 43 years.
  9. I remember watching Billy Westmoreland's tv show always hawking those bass magnet cranks. I think they were his major sponsor. As far as which baits to take fishing, i would not, except for maybe one of the poppers since you have a few. (i love old baits and don't want to chance losing them.
  10. Trey would not have won with a snoopy rod and barbless hooks. Crazytalk.
  11. I can't afford the electronics, so i will employ my "forward- facing dog technique. 😵
  12. Like Tom,, i would use something else, but i have pulled thru sparse weedgrowth with a Bandit flat maxx and rapala shad raps. Tight wobble and thin lips.
  13. I'm with you C, i don't think it matters either. Painted heads look better to me, but i do throw both.
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