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    Just an older guy that loves bass fishing, starting in the mid 1960's. Watched all the tv fishing shows and bought all the magazines. Fished out of aluminum deep v boats. Still fishing out of my '96 Grumman dv16sp w/ 50 hp rude, and we get out 32 - 50 times a year. Mostly weekends. I am no "hot stick" but I know my way around a tacklebox.

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  1. powder paint and spinnerbaits don't work for me. i just paint with createx and 2 ton epoxy.
  2. All the kids in the neighborhood were out to get my weasel I hid him in my microwave........
  3. Good thing you only needed a couple. 🙂
  4. I picked my team in 5 min. before leaving for work thursday. It shows......
  5. I had a Quantum "crankin" reel in the 70's...3.8: 1. Those Rebel deep R's felt like a 3" grub coming back to the boat.
  6. You are frustrated that your order comes in multiple boxes?
  7. Oh, that's better then. haha sorry fellers
  8. Another fun fact: last week i had most points in our group, this week the least.
  9. Mepps Agaila (?) size 0,dressed: first pike at 12 years old. Pike was 6" long, haha Skipjack: (dual prop surface lure) given to me by a neighbor at age 15. Herb caught most of his bass with them, and it had to be redhead color, and not available in any store around me. He was from eastern Ky. Kelley"s Plow jockey: (pre-rigged worm with 3 hooks, still being made) Someone told dad that these were killers. We caught the mess out of them with those. After a few years, that was all dad would throw. 6 plow jockeys and a 3 pk. of sampo ball bearing swivels became his tacklebox, and hardly ever used anything else. Thin Fin silver shad (shallow thin crankbait) Was the walleye ticket on my only fly-in canadian fishing trip in 1985. Spinnerbaits got the pike.
  10. Yeah, i figured sci-fi but posted before i remembered. Show us your work if you want. 🙂
  11. Hey Ken, what kind of scale modeling?
  12. I kicked butt last week and don't think i have anyone fishing tomorrow ha ha #iamawesome
  13. Gera, get yourself a Michigan "Atlas and Gazetteer" (DeLorme) atlas as it has boat launching icons on all lakes open to us regular folk. Oalkland co. has WAY more private lakes than public. Don't give up on Orchard .
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