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Private Ponds!!!

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So my grandfather has a few private ponds. There about 10 years old and the fishing was great in all of them 5 years ago, but now its only good in one. Not sure what exactly is happening to the fish, but there dying off in all of them except one. The water clarity is very poor in the ponds except for the good one. The good pond is the largest of them all and has really good vegetation, excellent water clarity and a thriving population. Not sure if it would be a good idea to restock the other ponds using the other bass in the good pond. There are a few bass in the other ponds, so I know they can live in the water, but they are very few and I want to change that. Any suggestions?

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How small and what kind of circulation do they have? How are they fed (how do they get new water)? What sort of algae management is there?


I would also suggest an email to Bass Edge and address it to http://www.bassedge.com/pages/show/Contact_Us'>Bob Lusk, the "Pond Boss" (only so that if it gets read on air you can win a gift card lol) or just a straight up email to http://www.bobluskoutdoors.com/'>Bob himself.

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Here in Ky, fish and wildlife will test your water and help you with your pond management free of charge. Maybe try your local fish and wildlife office. All they can say is no.

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