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Christian M

Nailed The Pattern

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   A few days ago I was on the water with a buddy fishing a local lake that we're both pretty familiar with. It was one of those days where the weather kept changing from sunny to cloudy, windy to calm, warm to chilly. we hit the water at about 3pm adn started off throwing our spring confidence baits. He was tossing a jerkbait and I was shakey heading a straight tail green pumpkin worm. After a couple hours all we had were a couple small pickeril and one perch off of the jerkbait.


  After seeing the perch I decided to break out a bait that I had played around with over the winter in anticipation of spring. A small 3/16oz spinnerbait with a pumpkinseed skirt, #3 chartreuse single colorado blade, and a chartreuse grub trailer. I tweaked the lure a bit by adding some copper wire around the collar to keep it from falling apart and give it a little flash and since I knew I was going to be fishing it it through some grass, I put a screw lock on the trailer hook, screwed in a dark green grub, and sort of T-Rigged it so it wouldnt get snagged.


  I backed off the bank about 20-30 feet since the water was faily clear up shallow, and started tossing the spinnerbait as close to the bank as I could, letting it sink, and reeling it back really slowly. After the second cast...BANG, I landed the first bass of the day, a healthy 3lber, a cast or two later another healthy bass. After about my 6th bass my buddy tied on a single blade white & chartreuse spinnerbait. After a few casts he landed a bass and after that it was one after another. In that last hour we must have caught about 15 between the two of us, which is decent for this lake especially in spring.


It definitely felt good to unlock that pattern and see a bait that I had tweaked get the job done. Reading all those articles and posts over the winter paid off, and I'm hoping it continues to as I've been hitting the pattern and out fishing my buddies so far this spring.

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that's awesome.  i wish i could figure the pattern out here.  between the constant weather change & changing lake level, i'm shooting in the dark.

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