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Fishing Below A Dam.

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I'm one of the fishermen whos restricted to the bank, and I live a quarter mile from a reservoir dam.  spill water is always flowing, providing a steady current, and its a rocky bottom with a few weed beds here and there.  Water is a stained blue in most spots, visibility about 3 ft deep.  On the far side of the dam there is a large pipe that exits under the water and sends water from the lake into the river, and there is where i've been catching my big fish.  I'd estimate the acre surrounding that pipe to be about 20 ft deep, then rises up to an average of 6 ft pretty quickly.  My question to you guys is what techniques and baits/lures would you suggest to try? I've been doing well on 1/4 oz jig heads with a white 4" curly tail grub, but wanna divert from my confidence lure and try for results.

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I dam fish quite a bit since I'm only 15, and I see guys throw cranks a lot and minnow baits for reaction bites. I've also seen heavy spinnerbaits used. And the all so common, LIVE BAIT.

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Try throwing a 7 or 8 inch curly tail worm, it's similar but presents a bigger profile.

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