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I Found My Heavier Spinning Rod.

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I forgot I purchased a new Finor spinning rod at Dicks sporting goods a few years back. It's a heavy duty rod that's 7' with lots of backbone. I think it's a salmon rod but I'm not sure the lighting was low. In my rod rack.

I did find another rod for my pike & muskie lures too.

I want to use larger lures for big bass.

I also purchased 5 New south bend black beauty spinning rods too. Plus two inshore spinning rods too just incase the other heavy rods can't handle the heavier lures at the upper section when casting them. It's going to be trial and error for sure till I find what works. I have super large spinnerbaits, a super sized rattle trap, large minnowbaits plus all the larger Muskie/pike lures too.

Catching the bigger bass cracked the upper handle when the rod bent when bringing in the bigger fish. My PB of 10lbs was caught on this cheaper rod. I can fish with any rod as long as it can handle the lure weight. This first bass rod the south bend black beauty has caught a lot of bass in a few years. It's been beat up too by the fish.

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Just because a rod is inshore does not mean it will handle heavier lures, these rods have max lure weight just like freshwater rods.  An example is, I have 7' mh 10/20 rod with max lure of 1 oz, I have another 7 footer mh 10/20 with a max lure of 2 oz, imo there is little difference in an inshore rod and a freshwater rod.  It is very common in fact the norm to exceed the max weight here, I see people including myself that throw 1.5 oz (or more) lures on max 1oz rod every day, never an an incident.  The key is how you throw it, a snap cast may be disaster, a long flowing cast should not be.

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