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Nashua Nev

Anyone Fished The Lower Part Of Nashua River Since Lowering Water Level ?

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They are replacing the top part of the dam at Jackson falls, (Margaritas) in Nashua.  The water is wicked low from the Stellos dam down to amd past Margaritas , then it goes to the Merrimack River.  Has anyone fished the Main Street area?  or any of the lower part of the river?


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I have yet to get a line wet in the river, never heard any info on it or how good it was for Bass. I'm not far from it, I need to get down there and try it out.

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i did fish it , twice actually.  The water is low , but was moving really fast , make sure your trolling motor battery is completely charged.  Stay to the edges to stay out of the fastest current.  if i was paddling the kayak i would not have been able go against the water.   atleast i dont think so. if you have 2 people , 2 vehicles that would work as you could leave a vehicle down behind the library and pull the canoe up over the wall.   or i suppose 1 person could do it and just walk back to the starting point.

I coaught lots of fish,  i posted then at the southern nh thread.   big big pickerel and a bunch of smallmouth and largemouth.   if i have no hockey game thursday morning (currently in playoffs lose wed and i am done) i will be there thursday if no hockey.

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