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Using Snap Swivels

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I have a system for using snap swivels. I use the ball bearing snap locking swivels on my crankbait rod and topwater rod setups. This way I get the smoothest side to side swing or hinge movement. I use the number #3 ball bearing locking snap swivels because there easier in the low light to snap and unsnap. If you search for these they can be found affordable. I do feel by not using a snap swivel were losing some of

the zip or sharpness on the side to side movement. I think by tying the line to the lure we hinder this sideways movement.

Now on my carolina rig I use the cheap standard locking snap swivel(Wal-Mart) and on the hook, on my worm setup when a leader or snelled hook is involved.

I only use the locking snap swivels. I'm afraid of the non locking snap swivels of opening up with the larger fish. The non locking snap swivels are good for trout or


This is my personal thoughts and feelings. I've done no testing to prove this yet.

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I attach a split ring, and swivel to all the baits.  Then I tie a duo lock to my line.  Sometimes I tie direct, but other times, I use the duo lock.  The #2 is very durable, and caught high teens trout and salmon with this rig, so I'm sure it would do well for bass in moderate cover.


Here's a pic of the spoons I do this to, but I'm sure many bass lures can be adapted this way:




You can also see the full duo lock snap rig in this video, though be warned, it's from my phone and a little shaky.


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I use duolock snaps for crankbaits and other stuff. Snap swivels are attached to each of my inline spinners and that's the only time I use them.

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I think that using snap swivels, for bass fishing, is more trouble than it is worth the vast majority of the time.  Ball bearing snap swivels, with a locking snap attatched to in-line spinners are a singular exception.

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I use Norman speed clips for cranks....rarely throw in line spinners down here.

As others have said tho, that would be the only time I would use a swivel.






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This may help the discussion:



Carolina rigs

Fluke rigs

In line spinners (If line

twist occurs)




Standard Spoons

Mepps Syclops



Buzz  baits

Chuggers (or split ring/duolock)



Prop baits

Spinner baits

Stick baits (i.e.Zara Spook)

Tail spinners

Weedless spoons

Weight forward spinners




Crank baits

Lipless crank baits

Jerk baits

Blade baits

Jigging spoons*


* Swivel if desired

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Now there are ball bearing snap swivels and barrel snap swivels. I've had the barrel snap swivels wear out and come apart, I guess I had it on for too long. The ball bearing

snap swivels I have never wore out yet. Let's face it nothing last for ever. So it pays to change out the snap swivels often if we fish slot. I do retie often and after the bigger bass are landed.

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