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Turner's Classic Movie Channel puts on some really good old flicks. Today I watched the 1968 classic, "Bullit", with Steve McQueen. Saw it in '69, when I got out of the Navy. Back then it was one of my favorites; with THE epic car chase (for that time period) between McQueen's Mustang and the sleek '68 Dodge Charger, with it's 400 cu hemi! Lucky to get 6 or 7 mpg with those 'good ole' boys' back then.

And back then I thought - wow! - this is an incredible movie! What action! Today when I viewed it I was quite disappointed. Not as "fast & furious" as I had recalled. Very slow story line. Not much real "acting" per say. Good stuff, regardless. I guess it was and will forever be, a true motion picture classic.

I even saw my ole' '65 Ford Galaxie 500 - with a 352 V8 and 4 bbl. Holley carb. Great old cars in this flick and many of them. Hope some of you had an opportunity to see it again today. A good day to watch a movie on a VERY rainy east coast day!

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Yes, those old movies are great.


Even the old James Bond flicks are much better than the Bond junk on the screen today.


Remember the Wild Bunch? Sound of Music? Rosemary's Baby? Deep.....oops, forget that one.


Special effects seems to have taken over Hollywood these days.

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I agree about the special l effects today, but there are some really exceptional actors today who would have been great in era like John Malkovich or Meryl Streep, just to name 2.


I really like TCM channel, epsecially when they air Gable, Bogart and Flynn, MGM HD channel airs some good ones too, but the nod goes TCM.

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Snook, you can add Tommy Lee Jones to your list plus others that are in the film industry such as Samuel Jackson.


Outstanding actors and they would have been fantastic in the good ole days.

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