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Kayak Depth Finder. Beating A Dead Horse.

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So I'm looking to put a depth finder on my nucanoe and any decide what to get. I know that I don't need GPS, I fish small lakes ponds so not really an issue for me. I have zero experience reading one of these so that may be what has me undecided.

I've been looking at the garmin echo 150 and the lowrance elite 4x dsi. Basically the finder budget max is $200. I know there two different animals so what does anyone with yak finder experience recommend. If I go di I would probably do the scupper hole mount for the transducer but not against a shoot thru hill for 2d.

I have read all the posts on here and don't know what to get what's the best for a newbie, etc. also open to other options.

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I have mounted my Lowrance Elite-5x on my Jackson Cuda Yellow Jacket kayak.


I considered a shoot through hull mount, but after evaluating a scupper hole mount it was apparent to me that a scupper hole mount would be more sensitive because the transducer is actually in the water.  Also, the scupper hole provides adequate protection for the transducer because the scupper hole provides a recess for the transducer as shown: 
I chose a scupper hole under my seat so as to eliminate any activity that could damage the mounting location.  Equally important was the location under the seat had to be suitable in either the high or low seat position:
Finally, I evaluated were to mount the actual unit; I did not like the possibility of having to reach or stretch, straighten, or extend my body, especially my arms to their full length to operate the unit; so, I decided to put the unit in a position that was out of the way while paddling my kayak and while I was actively engaged in retrieving and managing a fish.
Hope this provides you with at least a few ideas!







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