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Pike Island (Ohio River Pool)

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Anyone around here feel like sharing some input on this perticular pool. I feel a deep crankbait or a shakeyhead on a light weight even a wacky style senko works fairley well.

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Are you fishing from the bank or a boat? If you're on a boat, have at it with whatever you want. If you're on the bank the rocks will eat every crank and shakeyhead you have. I've always done real well with a spinnerbait, D-Shad, or float and tube from the bank. They really stack up by the d**n in the early spring. You can pick them literally right off the bank if the water is coming fast. A couple years ago a guy got a 7 pounder about a foot off the bank with a 1/2 oz. spinner bait. It was a monster! I seen it in the quarintine tank at Cabela's. When they came in the next day it was laying on the floor dead. Someone didn't pin down the cover on the tank.

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im on a boat, i fish tournaments mostly around this area, and yes they do stack up quite well at the dam early then it seems like after spring the dam kinda shuts down, unless we got high moving water.

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