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Rod Storage On Fish/ski Boat

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I boat a boat from a friend, to good of a deal to pass up, but it is a fish and ski type of boat that has been modified.  When my friend got the boat it had a normal cheaply made front fishing deck up front and 4 seats in the back.  He took out the back to seats and made two small storage compartments and moved the driver and passenger seat back some for better comfort.  It's a nice very solid boat but my only issue is what to do with the fishing rods.  He just took a couple of poles and just laid them between the seats on the floor aiming up on the deck.  That works fine if you have 2-3 and just going to be there temporarily.  But sometimes I go fish and then meet up with friends and hangout with them and then go back fishing later.  So I would like to have them more out of the way and if you are walking around the boat I don't want to step on a rod either. What are some ideas that you have used or seen?  Sometimes I go out with 6-8 poles so I can tie different lures on different poles and switch quicker and sometimes I go out for catfish and have 4 big poles. I will attach a couple of pictures so you can see the setup style.  Their is two front seats that life up and have some storage under them.


I have a couple of ideas but I don't know how well they will work.  One idea I got from a friend was to use one or more of the compartments as vertical rod holders.  Put some pvc or rod holders in the compartment and when I'm ready to go fishing lift the lid and all the rod holders are there and just keep the rods standing up like you see in saltwater or center console boats like the TWRA has.  Where they have the holders attached to the console.  I liked the idea of the driftmasters rod locker that is offset to keep the rods out away from where you are sitting and it locks so you can keep your rods in it, but I can't afford to spend $200 on that. 


I'm just trying to get some ideas and thoughts.  Thanks for your help.



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I had the same problem with my old boat. I had cut out a hole in the passenger consel so that I could lay my rods flat (tips through the hole) and out of the way. Works great as long as you dont have a passenger! Otherwise, the passenger just had to be careful. That boat was only a 15'er.

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