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John F.

Bass On Fly, When?

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Dad and I fish together as much as possible. For a while now we have been saltwater fly fishing. We're not great but it is fun. He only fishes using fly rods. I end up fishing with a spinning rod usually throwing soft plastics like flukes. 

I discovered this site, applied some of the tips and now I feel like I usually have a shot at catching bass. 


I am dreaming of heading out to Lake O and giving it a shot. Thing is, I don't want my Dad left without a chance for success. Last time we went it was africa hot, we almost got run over, got stuck in hydrilla etc... I'm itching to give it another try now that I know my boat and maybe how to fish a little. 


When would be the best time to go and as a bonus question, what flies should I get for us? I tied up a bunch of deerhair sliders a while ago and the bass in my canal liked them, what else works? I know I'll pick up some poppers too.  


I think I'm also going to bring him a spinning rig, maybe I can convince him to try. I don't care as long as he has fun and maybe catches something. 

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Some of the members here are very successful fly fishing for bass. I tried a little this past summer and from what I learned topwater is the most popular, but there are many other flies that work, like streamers. I would suggest posting this same question in General Bass Fishing Forums for more replies, or just pm one of the Mods (roadwarrior is the first to come to mind) and they could move it there for you.



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